TIDAL MOD APK v2.91.0 (premium unlocked)

tidal premium mod apk
Name:TIDAL Premium apk
Android:4.1 and later
Size:82 MB

Get closer to your favorite artists getting a unique experience with excellent sound quality, with TIDAL apk mod premium for Android you will find a large library with more than 9 million songs and 400 thousand videos.

There are many applications on the internet where we can enjoy your favorite music like Spotify, Tidal Premium will enjoy a lot of musical material as audio visual.

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  1. MOD
  2. What is Tidal APK for android?
  3. Features Tidal music mod apk
    1. Who has better sound quality Tidal or Spotify?
    2. Enjoy endless music without limits
    3. Large number of genres
    4. Discover new musical tastes
    5. Create a playlist:
  4. How to Install/Update Tidal Premium MOD APK
  5. Download Tidal music MOD APK premium unlocked 2023


  • ✅ Play any song you want
  • ✅ Unlimited playlist
  • ✅ Play any album
  • ✅ Download playlists, albums up to music videos
  • ✅ Lyrics, suggested tracks, track info unlocked
  • ✅ Ads removed
tidal mod apk

What is Tidal APK for android?

This excellent streaming app is a titanic competitor to Spotify or Amazon Music but this one in particular presents certain differences. Its catalog has surpassed 80 million musical material, so it exceeds Spotify in quantity, it is also important to highlight its design.

Its interface is more careful and using it at night is quite comfortable, something that stands out is that it has a library of more than 350 thousand music videos reminiscent of MTV. Fully enjoy its entire catalog + music videos and have the best experience with TIDAL.

Features Tidal music mod apk

Who has better sound quality Tidal or Spotify?

When we talk about sound quality we must know the characteristics of each one, let's start with Tidal, it offers a playback quality: Normal, High, HiFi and Master Quality Authenticated (MQA). While Spotify's maximum quality is Ogg Vorbis at 320kbos which would be the same in the high configuration already mentioned.

In this way it is clear that Tidal outperforms its competitor in sound quality but Spotify on 22/02/2021 announced that it will launch Spotify HIFI where it will have a lossless audio level, there is little information about this but it is said that it will compete against Tidal HIFI.

Enjoy thanks to Tidal Mod Apk tons of music stuff by getting a premium streaming platform listening to any song whenever you want.

Enjoy endless music without limits

Find everything you need thanks to its huge library so you won't run out of listening to a good track.

Large number of genres

Tidal premium covers different types of genres, bands as well as singers listen to your favorite artists from the oldest to the newest tracks.

Discover new musical tastes

One of the great advantages that this app has is the smart application where it analyzes your selections in order to give you recommendations of songs that you might like.

Create a playlist:

Create countless playlists so you can organize all your musical material the way you want.

How to Install/Update Tidal Premium MOD APK

  1. Download the APK file.
  2. Install the APK
  3. Run the application

How to use it:

  1. Use a VPN and set it up for USA and sign up for the app.
  2. Then select your 3 artists and press continue
  3. In the plan selection, choose "Free subscription" and press continue
  4. And finally you can use the mod functions without the VPN.

Download Tidal music MOD APK premium unlocked 2023

All in one app! Listen to all the music you want as well as the best music videos. Enjoy the best sound from the largest streaming library, don't hesitate and download TIDAL Music great isn't it?

Tidal Premium apk

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