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  1. NFT Blockchain Game That Will Change Everything
  2. What is Dragonary?
  3. How to play Dragonary?
  4. Dragonary features
  5. Dragon Types
  6. What is Coinary Tokens (CYT)?
  7. PVE Battle
  8. Story Mode
  9. Embers Missions
  10. Dungeons
  11. Arena - PVP Battle
  12. Breed your Dragons
  13. How to Disenchant/Sacrifice Dragons?
  14. How to get items in the game?
  15. What are Energies?
  16. Islands
  17. Requirements to Play Dragonary
  18. Download Dragonary for Windows / Mac / Android

NFT Blockchain Game That Will Change Everything

Dragonary welcome to the magical world! where you can earn income playing this excellent game, your time will be gold! anyone can play it regardless of age or gender, you can have it for free.

Fully compatible for Windows PC and Mac as well as android and iOS phones.

What is Dragonary?

It is a blockchain game originally from Argentina, anyone from anywhere in the world can enjoy it, its main objective is to reward players who invest time playing it in this way we will collect Coinary Tokens.

This coin has a value in the market starting from a rarity, the dragons will be NFT (Non-Fungible Token) in this way each dragon will have a monetary value.

Dragonary is backed by Conary LDT which would be the company behind, this company is entertainment and information about cryptocurrencies, Dragonary currently has more than 130 thousand registered users and rising every day more.

Your dragons will depend on your total effort within the game, you will have to level them up, evolve them to improve their lineage obtaining unique, rare, epic dragons. You have the option to change your dragons in the market to improve your strategy.

How to play Dragonary?

It will have two types of combat, PVE where the player will be against the computer and PVP will battle against other players, the main objective is to raise your dragons level and go fusing them to have offspring that will be stronger than the previous.

You will need ambers that you will get by battling in rounds where you will have to choose between the available elements (fire, earth, air, thunder, plant, water, ice) in this way you will get dragons of other elements and create your battle strategy.

You will also get obsidian which is the way to have daily income within the game, it has a limit of games to get it and ensure your income.

Dragonary features


They are the protagonists of the game, you can use per battle up to a maximum e 5 combining by elements since each one has different skills, later I will explain each one.

Maximum Level:

The limit will depend on their rarity.

  • Common: level 20
  • Uncommon: level 40
  • Rare: level 60
  • Epic: level 60
  • Legendary / Mythical: level 100


6 different types were established in order to ensure the economy of the game is sustained. The first 2 (Common, Uncommon) will be virtual items, meaning that they cannot be bought or sold but will be necessary to obtain better dragons.

The missing ones (Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mystic) are NFT, they will be tradable on the Coinary Hub market.

Dragon Types

Currently Dragonary has 7 different types of elements where each element is unique in skills where it is important to build a strategy when building a team since the balance is essential to progress in PVE and much more in PVP.

Ground Element: The Tank

  • Passive Ability: Reduces the damage received on a large scale.
  • Active Ability: Generates a shield for a period of 5 sec or less if the shield is broken before the time, only normal enemy attacks will be forced to attack this range.

Fire Element: Physical DPS

  • Passive Ability: Increases percentage of base and skill damage if in the first row.
  • Active Ability: Launches a fireball that damages the enemy in the front row and also affects a second enemy behind with a lower % of damage.

Air Element: The Healer

  • Passive Ability: Increases the healing effect.
  • Active Skill: Heals up to 3 dragons at the same time.

Thunder Element: The Range

  • Passive Skill: Increases damage.
  • Active Skill: Sends lightning bolts to the enemy and has a % to jump thus damaging another enemy up to 3 times.

Plant Element: Support

  • Passive Skill: Basic damage as well as vitality is increased.
  • Active Skill: Entangles two enemy dragons for several seconds, decreasing their attack speed by 50%.

Water Element: The damage mitigator

  • Passive Ability: Generates a shield for the healing character but it does not have the effect of the earthen one to provoke.
  • Active Ability: Heals a single character several times in an instant of time.

Element Ice: The resistant

  • Passive Skill: Increases vitality as well as damage from skills and basic attacks.
  • Active Ability: Deals damage to an enemy and freezes him for a few seconds preventing him from attacking.

What is Coinary Tokens (CYT)?

It is a token whose technology is based on ERC-20/BEP-20 and is used in the Callisto Network (CLO) as well as in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and will later be integrated with Polygon.

Its main objective is to avoid inflation by limiting distribution over ten years to one billion. It is used as a cryptocurrency/token within Conary, when used for in-game purchases it will be used to deposit into each user's account when selling items.

On the other hand, in-game purchases, breeding commissions and mergers of both dragons and items will generate token burning of up to 80% of the cost of each purchase or commission, while the other 20% will be used to distribute it among the players, thus avoiding excessive growth of the token.

CYT Mining

The CYT can be obtained by playing Dragonary being similar to the mining of other cryptocurrencies where no more than a certain amount of coins can be created in a day, thus ensuring the economy of the game. The maximum amount will be distributed among the players depending on the rarity of the account.

The rarity of the account will be determined by the amount of dragons of the same rarity, we will have two types of accounts:

  • Virtual: (Common and Uncommon)
  • NFT: (Rare, Epic, Legendary, Legendary, Mythic)

The common rarity is obtained at the beginning of the game by receiving 3 dragons. To improve the rarity of our account from common to uncommon we must have the same amount of uncommon dragons or more compared to the common ones.


  • 3 common dragons and 3 uncommon dragons = Uncommon account.
  • 4 common dragons and 3 uncommon dragons = Common Account

PVE Battle

As mentioned above will consist of a vs of two teams, where we would have the one that will be controlled by us 3-5 dragons against the computer, the enemies can be both dragons and other race.

The dragons have the characteristics of having two types of skills (passive and active) the battle uses a semi-automatic system being able to choose how to execute the active skills but the basic attacks can not be controlled being random.

Its main objective is to increase the level of our dragons, gaining experience in each battle, this battles can be performed without limits because the only thing we will do is to strengthen our team.

Team of dragons

We will have the option to change the positions in "Barracks", the team may consist of a minimum of 3 dragons and a maximum of 5, important to know if we use less than 3 our changes will not be reflected.

Each mission in PVE will start with full life and we will have to survive battle after battle to overcome the final boss of each mission separately, to heal our dragons we must have one with that ability (air element, water).

Time and speed of battles

There will be an option to place the battles at double speed right next to the option to play automatically or manually (the active skills). In case the battle lasts longer than 3 minutes we will lose automatically.

Story Mode

The story mode will be developed through the missions, which are key to the development of the game as we will learn the mechanics of the game.

We will go through as well as understanding what happens in Dragonary defending the world of dragons against the great Darkwing "The Corrupted", is a dragon whose plan is to destroy Dragonarya.

We will meet on the way to different bosses being each stronger than the previous one, each mission will have 3 battles where we must complete even leaving a dragon alive.

Rewards in Story Mode

  • Experience
  • Experience items (not implemented)
  • Experience Boost (not implemented)
  • Dragon equipment (only in rare occasions)
  • Common dragon eggs (only on rare occasions)

Embers Missions

These missions are limited, their main objective is to grant totally unique rewards on a daily basis, being important to improve our dragons and create new generations.

To perform a mission you just have to choose the desired element consisting of 7 different, you can choose between different difficulties having each one a greater reward to the previous one, each mission consumes 10 energy points, if you win or lose or go out manually will also be consumed.

Rewards in the Daily Missions

  • Obsidian (Item used by goblins for CYT mining)
  • Sparks (Used to create embers)


The dungeons will be used to "farm" equipment, each one will have what would be a lower average level that our dragons must have to be able to perform it, each mission will consume energy in the same way as the embers.

To unlock them we have to advance doing the story mode missions, at the beginning each one will be blocked.

Rewards in the Dungeons

  • Obsidian (Object used by goblins for CYT mining)
  • Equipment for dragons (rings, necklaces, bracelets)

Arena - PVP Battle

Unlike PVE where we will battle against the computer, in this environment it will be against other players from anywhere in the world. Of course there will be requirements that we must meet and in this way the computer will match you against others of the same level.

Each battle has a maximum duration of 5 minutes winning the one who has more dragons with life at the end or more health, an important fact …. active skills can only be launched manually.

The key is to generate a balanced team to have more chances to win, so breed dragons wisely!

Arena mode requirements

  • Have a team of Rare dragons or higher
  • Have 5 dragons in your team

Breed your Dragons

Initially the game will give us 3 common dragons but we know that our goal will be to advance by doing the quests and of course getting rewards. Therefore we must keep in mind that breeding dragons is the key to produce new and improved dragons.

Dragonary offers two ways to breed them:

  • By the union of Dragons
  • Fusion of Dragons

Both cases will result in an egg that will have an incubation period that depends on the rarity.

  • Common: 3 hours
  • Uncommon: 12 hours
  • Rare: 24 hours
  • Epic: 48 hours
  • Legendary: 96 hours
  • Mythical: One week

This period applies only to eggs that produce common, uncommon and rare dragons. But when referring to (Epic, Legendary, Mythical) they will be visible immediately but you will not be able to use them until the maturation period has passed.

How to Breed Dragons by Joining?

When talking about common and uncommon dragons we will create the eggs by joining 2 dragons, they must be adults and maximum level.

The status of the result of the union will be defined to the average of the Stast of the parents added to the result by 20% (the Stast are added separately) where the final result will be rounded using XX.5 as a limit, the less is rounded down and the greater is rounded up.

The result of the breeding we will obtain an element that will depend on the parents used and the ember we choose (40% will have the element of each dragon creator and the remaining 20% will be given by the element of the chosen ember).


  • 2 Wind Dragons and a wind ember = 100% chance of a wind dragon.
  • 1 Wind Dragon, 1 Fire Dragon, 1 wind ember = 60% wind, 40% chance of fire
  • 1 Wind Dragon, 1 Fire Dragon, 1 earth ember = 40% wind, 40% fire, 20% earth

NOTE: if the element of the ember we use is different from the parent dragons and the element of the resulting dragon is that of the ember, the Stats will be reset to 30 regardless of the rarity of the dragon obtaining a dragon that we could categorize as common first generation.

Our dragons will have 3 types of Stats (Strength, Cunning, Endurance) the sum of these Stats will determine the rarity of the dragon:

  • Common: 30-49
  • Uncommon: 50-89
  • Rare: Greater than 90

The process will require an ember and additionally a CYT commission which will be defined depending on the amount of times a dragon has been used to create an egg and of course its rarity.

Costs to join two common dragons

Eggs createdPrice
05 CYT
110 CYT
220 CYT
330 CYT
440 CYT
5+50 CYT

If it results in a higher rarity dragon, its cost will be multiplied by 1.5.

Costs to join two rare dragons:

Eggs created Price
050 CYT
170 CYT
290 CYT
3110 CYT
4130 CYT
5+150 CYT

if the result is a higher rarity dragon, its cost will be multiplied by 1.5.


  • If we join 2 common dragons and none has created eggs its cost will be 5 CYT.
  • If we join 2 common dragons and one has not created eggs and the other 2, its cost will be 10 CYT.
  • If we join 2 dragons (one common and the other uncommon) and neither has created eggs, their cost will be 50 CYT.

The cost will always be taken from the most expensive one or the one that has created more eggs.

How to Breed Dragons by Fusion?

To maintain a deflationary economy, we will have to fuse dragons of a particular rarity to obtain a dragon of higher rarity. This process will make the dragons used to fuse disappear and thus they will no longer be used.

The dragon resulting from the fusion will be superior in statistics to those that were used, we must use 5 of the same rarity (rare) to create an epic dragon.

The dragon chosen to improve the rarity will be the one that will determine the element resulting from the fusion and must be maximum level and the other 4 that will be used as sacrifice must be adult dragons with 50% of the maximum level.

The status of the resulting dragon will be equal to the original dragon adding 20% and 10% of each Stats of each dragon that was sacrificed will be added to each Stats.

Remember that a team can not be composed of less than 3 dragons so when performing the fusion must be if you have 8 or more so that in this way you meet the minimum of 3 to participate in the missions.

In the same way that the common and uncommon dragons, we will need an ember and pay the Conary Tokens (CYT) commission.

RARE dragons commission
Per dragon -> 200 CYT = 200 CYT * 5 dragons = 1000 CYT to get to Epic

Commission Epic dragons
Per dragon -> 400 CYT = 400 CYT * 5 = 2000 CYT to get to Legendary

Commission LEGENDARY dragons
Per dragon -> 1000 CYT = 1000 CYT * 5 = 5000 CYT to reach Mythic

How to Disenchant/Sacrifice Dragons?

In case you want to eliminate them either to move your account to the next level in rarity, since the level is decided by the highest amount of dragons in a certain rarity, or you already have dragons that you don't use because they have much lower Stats.

At the altar you can sacrifice or disenchant them. This process has no cost and you will be rewarded with Sparks of the dragon's element, it is important to know that there is no way to reverse this process so you must be 100% sure of the decision.

NOTE: this process has some requirements:

  • You cannot disenchant/sacrifice if you have less than 7 dragons.
  • If that dragon has an egg that has not hatched yet, you must wait for it to hatch.

How to get items in the game?

The items will be used to improve some aspects of the gameplay.

How do I get the best items?

Its distribution will be in PVP and PVE battles as a reward for this will be determined by the rarity of the equipment, the higher the rarity the better the items you will get battling.

There are items that are more difficult to obtain that we can create from lower rarity items using (fusion).

If you want to get a rare ember you need 5 common embers and so on (rare ember = 5 rare embers) and of course we will have to pay a commission in CYT.

Costs to merge items

Common : Per item -> 1 CYT = 1 CYT * 5 = 5 CYT arriving to Uncommon

Uncommon : Per item -> 10 CYT = 10 CYT * 5 = 50 CYT reaching Rare

Rare: Per item -> 20 CYT = 20 CYT * 5 = 100 CYT reaching Epic

Epic: Per item -> 40 CYT = 40 CYT * 5 = 200 CYT reaching Legendary

Legendary: Per item -> 100 CYT = 100 CYT * 5 = 500 CYT reaching Mythic

What are Energies?

In the game this will be fundamental because when you do the missions (except in the story mode) will be consumed, the energy will be limited to 80 points where each point will be recharged every 20 minutes.

There will be the possibility that we can recharge them using CYT, but there will be established rules, the cost of each recharge will increase but these costs will be reset after 24 hours, the price of each recharge increases by the number of times made in a period of 24 hours:

  1. $1.99 USD
  2. $3.99 USD
  3. $7.99 USD
  4. $15.99 USD
  5. 31.99 USD
  6. 63.99 USD
  7. $127.99 USD
  8. $255.99 USD
  9. $511.99 USD


In Dragonary each dragon is an independent being that rarely live in communities, they like huge caves to keep the prizes they get in each battle.

For our dragons the most valuable thing are the treasures, for this reason the islands will have a fundamental role that will change completely as we know Dragonary, each team can have its own island with different caves where their dragons will live.

The islands will be NFTs and we will be able to exchange them using the Marketplace at any time, these are limited and will be distributed through a public sale. Currently it is estimated that there will only be 5,000 islands where 250 will be under the control of the development team.

Price of each island?

Most of them will be sold at a fixed price while the rest will be auctioned, we will know the prices days before the sale begins.

When will we be able to buy them?

Currently there is no date decided yet.

Release date of the new game mode

Second half of 2022.

Requirements to Play Dragonary

The main goal of this excellent game is that it can run on any device, being compatible with the following systems:

  • Windows 64bits
  • MacOS
  • Android
  • iOS

We will only need an internet connection and an account on hub.coinary.com and of course! time to dedicate to it, plus you will not need to create a wallet to log in or browser extensions.

Download Dragonary for Windows / Mac / Android

Anyone can enjoy Dragonary regardless of age, gender, interests or even knowledge. It is a totally free game and you can access it easily using a PC, laptop, Mac or any mobile device.

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