How to Record the Screen of my Windows 10 PC

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There are many users who have problems when recording windows 10 screen using free or paid applications, many do not know that Microsoft added this feature.

Therefore we will learn how to record windows 10 screen without programs, so the task of recording the screen is quite simple, it should be clarified that this method only works with Windows 10 to be a tool of the operating system itself.

Record Windows 10 Screen

We perform the following steps to record pc windows 10 screen:

Step 1

Click Start and select Settings.

Step 2

We look for the Games tab, in case this tab does not appear, it is because you have a version of Windows 10 quite outdated, so you should go to Update and Security and give CLICK the Check for Updates button or install them if they are already downloaded.

Step 3

Here we will have a series of Windows functions that help us to record clips, capture the screen and broadcast live. The first thing we will do is to activate them by sliding the button.

Step 4

After activating it we would have to configure what would be the shortcuts of the keyboard to open the bar of games and other options like the recording. It is not obligatory since Windows by default brings some preset shortcuts but for comfort it can be good to do it.

Now to start recording all you have to do is press the Start/Stop Recording keyboard shortcut, by default it is WIN + ALT + R or the one you have set.

Automatically a little bar will appear on the upper right side that shows that we are making a recording, the video will be saved in the folder called captures that is inside the videos folder.

Configure Windows 10 Screen Recorder

To make the adjustments in the recording that are very important they are made selecting in the Captures tab of the Games menu.

As first option we have to choose where we want our videos to be recorded.

As second option we can decide if we want to record in background in case we want to record gameplay of games, we can also choose the maximum recording time.

As third option we choose if we want that the audio of the system and the microphone are active and to place the volume to each one separately in case we use it.

And finally we choose the amount of fps and the image quality of the recording, we must remember that the higher the fps and image quality the video will be heavier and of course the higher the quality of the playback.

Frequently Asked Questions…

What do I do if when I press the keys to record, the bar does not appear?

In some cases it happens that when recording windows 10 desktop the keyboard shortcut does not send you to the recording, what you can do is to get into the game bar and start it directly from there, pressing the WIN + G keys and you will see a panel where in the top left you will see the recording functions and you just have to hit the record button.

How to Record Windows 10 Screen with Internal Sound?

To record internal audio pc or to record screen with internal audio windows 10, we only must get into the tab Captures and in the section of recorded audio to increase the volume bar of the system, this way we will be able to record screen and audio windows 10.

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