How to Free Hard Disk Space Windows 10

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Windows 10 brings enough tools to clean the system completely without the need for third-party programs, although there are very good alternatives that will be for another post.

With the passage of time it is normal that the more we use the system will accumulate the so-called junk files or temporary files, these files will accumulate on our hard drive (local disk C), so the importance of freeing up space on the hard drive.

This way we will be able to free space pc and always we will have our system optimized since that valuable space in our storage always we will maintain it free.

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  1. How to Clean my Pc of Junk Files?
  2. Optimize Drives
  3. Delete Temporary Files
  4. Empty the Recycle Bin
  5. Disk Space Liberator

How to Clean my Pc of Junk Files?

We go to our start menu and select configuration, then we select System and finally we choose the storage tab.

Here we can see the temporary files, we click on this option and it will show us a series of blocks of information that occupy space in our computer. We select all the blocks and we click on the box Remove files.

Important note in the first block that is called Downloads, it will eliminate completely all the content of that folder, reason why if you are not sure of this action or you have personal information that you do not want to erase, do not select that box.

Optimize Drives

In the same tab of storage, in the final part we will find the option Optimize Drives (defragment hard disk windows 10), it will open a small window, we select our disk C and we click in optimize, this way we will be able to optimize hard disk.

Delete Temporary Files

A very effective way to delete temporary files / how to delete junk files from my pc and thus free up space on windows 10, we press on our keyboard WIN + R will open a box and we write temp and press accept.

It will open a folder where you will find all the temporary files on your computer, let's select them all by pressing CTRL + E and delete them.

Empty the Recycle Bin

This step is very simple as simultaneously important of how to clean my pc of garbage files, since many users when eliminating the files of its pc do not empty the recycle garbage can, reason why the information is accumulated little by little, we only must give him click right to the icon of the recycle garbage can and to select in empty.

Disk Space Liberator

In order to be able to use it alone we must press in the menu of beginning and to write clean, of first option the space liberator will appear, a box will appear to us where we must select the hard disk that we want to clean and we press to accept.

We select all the options that appears and click on accept, then we will get a box where we ask if we are sure and click the Delete files button.

As you can see it is very simple to clean windows 10 without programs so in this simple post you learned how to free up space on my pc easily and safely, any questions leave it in the comments!

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