SD Maid MOD APK v5.6.5 Download (unlocked pro)

sd maid pro mod apk
Name:SD Maid
Play Store:eu.thedarken.sdm.unlocker
Tamaño:8.18 MB
SD Maid Pro APK

SD Maid Pro MOD APK (Unlocked) is a powerful tool that you can use to manage and clean unwanted files. Get this application for free download.

Larger cache and base files cause apps to start slower and occasionally crash when launching multiple apps at once. Periodic cleanup is necessary; SD Maid Pro will take care of this for you using the Cron Job tool. Just set a time for the cleaner to run automatically while cleaning your device. Simple, but quite useful, isn't it.

download sd maid mod apk
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  1. Introduction to SD Maid APK for android
  2. Features SD Maid mod apk
    1. One of the best cleaning tools for Android
    2. database optimization
    3. File manager
    4. Control device functionality
    5. The tool in the Pro version
  3. Conclusion sd maid pro mod apk

Introduction to SD Maid APK for android

As you use it, your device will continuously produce fake, redundant or registry-related files. If they are not reduced, your device's performance will be affected and storage space will be reduced. An effective solution has been sought, and it is SD Maid Pro.

You can also use Avast Antivirus, CC, but if you want these tasks to be performed faster and more effectively, that's your only option.

Features SD Maid mod apk

One of the best cleaning tools for Android

SD Maid Pro has a powerful scanner. When you run this function, the system will make statistics about used data, large and redundant files, and base file types. Soon after, you will be able to delete them and free up memory with a single click.

This process is very risky for other applications because scanning and searching are not really related to security. You will have a serious problem if you unintentionally delete a crucial file that is necessary to launch a particular application or process on the device. However, SD Maid Pro prevents this from happening because it scans all types of files, searches in known locations and allows their frequent deletion. In addition, experienced users can create a custom filter to add files to the list of exceptions or the list of files to be cleaned.

database optimization

Database records and tables can be created automatically while the device is in use. However, if they do not disappear, they may still exist, which significantly decreases the performance of the appliance because the query takes longer to complete.

Fortunately, SD Maid Pro supports what CCleaner, one of the most widely used system cleaners, does not. It uses SQL "VACUUM" commands while creating blank pages to safely clean up without losing your data.

File manager

You can manage your files directly in SD Maid Pro, making it more than just a cleaning tool. You will be able to manage the number of folders, files, used memory and free space on your device. From here, the application offers a very complete overview.

In addition, this file manager allows you to search using a variety of filters. You can search by name, content, creation time, most recent modification, etc.

Control device functionality

You can manage what is happening on your device using the function of an application controller. Applications and tasks are described along with the amount of CPU and memory being used. It is possible to freeze them or force their termination at this point if you notice that you have terminated them but they are still running in the background. As a result, your device minimized crash, lag situation and memory full.

The tool in the Pro version

SD Maid Pro has all the features of the free version and adds features like ad blocking and two app cleaning features, such as system cleanup.

Conclusion sd maid pro mod apk

Please keep your device in the best possible condition. Don't allow obsolete or redundant files to degrade performance. SD Maid Pro will help you get rid of those uncontrollable data, all you need to do is download it and set the time.

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