FilmoraGo Lite Mod APK v1.0.61 (no watermark)

filmorago lite mod apk
Name:FilmoraGO lite Pro apk
MOD Info:Pro unlocked
Size:108 MB

The most popular video editor is called FilmoraGo Lite. The high caliber with which it inserts music, modifies video color, etc., has made it widely recognized. Despite being the simplest free editing application, it offers many powerful capabilities.

The excellent videos that FilmoraGo Lite produces cannot be overlooked. It has great artistic talent. When it comes to publishing, it chooses resolutions like 2560x1440p and 1920x1080p. The 3840x2160 resolution of this app beats the opposition. Customers can now send sharp photos to other applications. Videos can capture the world in its entirety. This app connects to social networks and video hosting services.

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  2. About FilmoraGo Lite no watermark
  3. Feature FilmoraGO Lite APK for android
    1. tools for professional video editing
    2. Timed timelapse videos
    4. Own audio extraction
    5. effects and filters
    6. Timeline
    7. Include music and text
    8. Various templates
  4. How to Install/Upgrade filmorago lite pro mod apk no watermark
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filmorago lite pro apk

About FilmoraGo Lite no watermark

Filmora Lite is a dreamy professional video editing program for android smartphones. It is a great option for people who want to make movies without having to download large programs on their devices.

The program has a simple and easy to use interface that makes editing your movie simple. While editing a video, you can add effects to as many as you want or just one. There are plenty of expert editing tools and effects that can ensure the visual caliber of the final product. You can make videos that look professional by adding text, music and video without having any prior knowledge with video editing.

Feature FilmoraGO Lite APK for android

tools for professional video editing

Professional video editing tools and effects are available in abundance in Filmora Lite. This allows you to artistically enhance your videos. With the help of these elements, you can add text, music and video to your videos.

Use this editing tool as fine-tuned as you see fit and let your imagination run wild. Since it was created by the same people who created FilmoraGO, all their video editing features are included in this lightweight edition.

Timed timelapse videos

With Filmorago you can produce timed timelapse videos. You must first decide what period of time you want your movie to cover before deciding the start and end time. The software will then automatically produce a video covering the selected amount of time.

You can enlarge and reduce the size of videos without sacrificing quality thanks to a feature called video scaling. The video can be edited with the same tools in both its original size and scaled versions.


Filmora Lite's collection of music tracks, which you can use without having to download and install the music yourself, is one of its best features. To choose a track to use in your movie, just browse through the ones offered.

Own audio extraction

You can take data from a specific video and store it on your device using the audio extraction tool. This can be used to present your video, edit it for other people or simply save the files that were originally in the video.

effects and filters

You can use a wide selection of filters and effects in Filmora Lite to enhance your movies. With the help of these tools, it allows you to direct your movie the way you want.


You can organize your video the way you want using the timeline tool. As you edit your movie, it's easy to view the final product thanks to the timeline's drag-and-drop function.

Include music and text

You have several options in the Filmora Lite program to make your movies entertaining, and one of them is to include text and videos in them. There is an easy way to include music in your movies, and you can even do it for specific pieces. Use the add text feature to give your movies much more context for viewers.

Various templates

With the help of the many well-crafted templates Filmora Lite offers, anyone can easily produce professional-looking movies. Weddings, commercials and movie trailers are just a few of the categories you can select from.

How to Install/Upgrade filmorago lite pro mod apk no watermark

  • Download the APK file.
  • Allow in the settings to install apps from unknown sources.
  • Install the APK (e.g. using a file manager).
  • Run the application.

Download FilmoraGo Lite MOD APK for android

The best recommendation is to download FilmoraGO PRO for Android if you are looking for an app that will help you create original videos because it is the right app for the job.

FilmoraGO Lite Pro apk

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