Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery MOD APK v5.7.1 (unlimited coins and gems)

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery mod apk
Name:Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery
MOD Info:unlimited gems and energy
Developer:Jam City, Inc.
Size:126 MB

Harry Potter by definition is a series of novels written by a British author that tells the fantastic story of a young apprentice of magic, if you are a fan of this story and its subsequent films you will surely be looking for this game inspired by the saga and that is gaining popularity progressively among fans of hogwarts mystery hack apk.

It is definitely a wonderful and very popular work, so we invite you to dive into this game that will definitely take you to discover the world of magic of hogwarts mystery infinite energy. Imagine receiving the letter of admission to Hogwarts and being part of this wonderful story that you will be able to enjoy as the wizard himself from beginning to end.

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  2. About Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery unlimited coins and gems
  3. Features Hogwarts Mystery for android
    1. interesting gameplay
    2. Select various companions and items
    3. Discover magical powers and mysteries
    4. Participate in magical lessons
    5. Build a good relationship with teammates
    6. Innovative platform system
    7. Super realistic design and images
  4. How to Install/Upgrade Hogwarts Mystery MOD APK
  5. Download Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery MOD APK


  • Unlimited energy: With the MOD version provided by SYSTEMTUTOS, you are allowed to buy energy for free.
download Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery mod apk

About Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery unlimited coins and gems

Harry Potter mod apk is a novel that not only inspired movie directors to make a wonderful movie, but it has also inspired mobile game creators to create an excellent game called hogwarts mystery mod, which turned out to be one of the most anticipated games of 2018 for mobile devices. Behind the game are big companies such as from Jam City and Warner Bros Interactive.

The plot of the game is well interesting and is quite detailed and gives players a first glimpse of the game and the path to go through to become the wizard.

Features Hogwarts Mystery for android

interesting gameplay

The gameplay of the game is fascinating and you will have to solve the different mysteries that the world of Hogwarts brings, just like in the movies, the game revolves around the magical world and the wizard's friends. If you ever dreamed of waking up as Harry and being in his world this game comes to fulfill that dream, so get ready together with your friends to perform the dangerous tasks that will require all your skills to unveil the mysteries of this great world.

Select various companions and items

The game gives you many options to choose from as a real wizard such as animal, bird, wand and other items, you can even be part of any of the houses Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Gryffindor which is fascinating as you will need all the powers to solve the mysteries.

Discover magical powers and mysteries

Just as in the movie your job will be to open the Chamber of Secrets with your friends and discover the mysteries of Hogwarts, the game is a real adventure in which you can use many magic spells, discover new powers to fight against enemies and discover the mysteries.

Participate in magical lessons

One of the main reasons to arrive at Hogwarts is to take part in the magic lessons and learn from the teachers, so you will work in collaboration with Dumbledore and Snape learning powerful magic, with small mini-games of riddles and challenges, to learn to prepare the magic potions that you will need to survive in the magical world.

Overcome challenges to unlock interesting lessons and level up in the game.

Build a good relationship with teammates

Legend has it that Hogwarts would give help to anyone who asked for it. So the game will teach you the importance of joint efforts. Dare to take the first step to make friends, showing them some of your magic tricks, so that they will accompany you to solve the great mysteries that you will not be able to solve alone, form a good relationship with your teammates and build a great team of wizards that is unsurpassed.

Innovative platform system

For users of a certain age the game will provide a great sense of nostalgia, as it is set in the 80's and maintains the original story content.

The game challenges you to overcome difficult challenges to find your brother and discover the causes that led to his disappearance, filling players with a lot of excitement, on your way you will encounter several familiar faces, such as Dumbledore, Snape and Voldemort, who will collaborate with you during your magical journey, in which you will solve challenging puzzles and play fun missions.

It also allows you to change the appearance and name of your wizard. Dare to embark on this wonderful adventure full of secrets and lots of magic.

Super realistic design and images

The game has a classic design, with extremely vivid 3D graphics, which masterfully recreates scenes from the 1980s, with characters full of visual realism, with magical effects well done and similar to the movie where Harry's character is also quite familiar.

The game makes you feel that you are really immersed in that world and that you are really in the skin of Harry Potter exploring Hogwarts, with a high quality sound that accompanies beautifully to the excellent images, likewise the magical tools, costumes and small details of the game are well achieved which makes the game very attractive.

How to Install/Upgrade Hogwarts Mystery MOD APK

  • Download the APK file.
  • Allow in the settings to install applications from unknown sources.
  • Install the APK (for example, using a file manager).
  • Run the application

Download Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery MOD APK

In a nutshell, harry potter hogwarts mystery mod harry potter hogwarts mystery mod started as a successful series of fantasy written novels, about an enigmatic boy apprentice of magic, which became a worldwide rage and was later successfully taken to the movies, captivating a large audience worldwide.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Apk

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