Ashampoo WinOptimizer full cracked version Download v26.00.28

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Operating systems:Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64
Name:Ashampoo WinOptimizer
Size:27 MB
Developer:Ashampoo / Ashampoo WinOptimizer
Activation:The rar comes with an activator

If you need the best option for cleaning, optimizing and protecting your computer, Ashampoo WinOptimizer is your best option, it will help you to correct errors to ensure that the performance is as stable as possible, it solves all the deficiencies that Windows may have at the moment, boosting it with just one click.

We will be able to some functions that will work automatically that can be easily configurable without the need to have previous knowledge, we must take into account that it is normal that the systems with the time go having slowness little by little, it is easy to use and with only a few click we will be able to optimize our system.

ashampoo winoptimizer

What is ashampoo winoptimizer full version with crack?

Ashampoo Winoptimizer free is an excellent program that serves for the optimization of our Windows system, it has the capacity to clean the disks and to generate an increase of greater speed of our pc.

Besides cleaning it also protects the privacy, it counts on 3 modules in charge for the cleaning, offering more than 30 tools that will cover completely all the tasks for the maintenance as also adjustments, being able to analyze the system in search of improving for the performance and the processing of files.

Features winoptimizer full for Windows

One Click Optimization

As time goes by, its popularity has increased among the optimizer competition since it fulfills its objectives in an easy way using few steps and thus taking care of many problems at the same time, it has 3 powerful modules that will be activated at the moment of performing the deep cleaning of the system, thus eliminating traces of privacy.

Those leftovers not only take up space on our hard disk, but also compromise our privacy and security, thus it also eliminates redundant files, recovering that space on the hard disk that is compromised by the excess of information that is of no use to us.

Find Hidden Data Streams

I guess you have not heard of the so-called alternative data streams, it simply allows programs to attach information and hide it in the same way it appears in Windows Explorer, thanks to this feature, it will detect those alternative data streams and locate those dubious entries.

Improvement in the Privacy

Windows 10 has been very criticized by the fact that it makes exchange of data without our consent, thanks to the module of control of privacy, it will return the control completely, being able to decide this way if our Windows will share passwords for example or it will maintain them in total secret.

Personalize your System

Ashampoo WinOptimizer allows you to modify several elements in an easy way, for example the Tweaking module that will help us with visual modifications, or AntiSpy with the security part and also to optimize our connection to the network.

The Best Information in Your Hands

Ashampoo WinOptimizer will show us in real time what is happening in our computer, we will be able to see the state of health of our hard disk for example, or the information of how much memory is being consumed by all the open applications, it also gives us a complete information of the Hardware that conforms our computer and processes in the background.

Complete Intelligent Optimization

We will have many features that will provide us with an incredible increase in the speed of our Windows, we can eliminate those unwanted applications that run automatically at startup of the operating system, fully optimize the registry and also disable those processes that are unnecessary and consume valuable resources.

Improve the Hard Disk Storage

As time goes by, our system will inevitably collect information or files that are not necessary, this will become a problem over time, and we will gradually run out of space, Ashampoo WinOptimizer will perform a thorough cleaning in search of all that garbage in the system.

Conclusion ashampoo winoptimizer cracked version for 32/64 bit

Get the best tool to completely optimize your Windows, forget about slow startups, cache problems, always keep your PC in an optimal state thanks to Ashampoo WinOptimizer.

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