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Name:My Talking Tom 2 apk
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DesarrolladorOutfit7 Limited

The sequel to the most popular pet care simulator. You have to take care of a kitten and care for it to develop, it keeps the most important features of its previous version so that fans will find it easy to understand the gameplay.

This interesting game will allow you to use many different ways of care to develop your kitty as game modes for you to spend a fun afternoon, My Talking Tom 2 mod apk is a mobile game where you must take care of your pet as in real life.

my talking tom 2 mod apk

What is My Talking Tom 2 MOD APK?

From the creators of My Talking Tom, comes the most awaited sequel that has been a resounding success in many countries, embark on an incredible adventure with the most famous cat of mobile devices, being more animated and funnier than ever.

Tom has more detailed facial expressions where we can find joy, annoyance, frustration, mischief. His painting style is still subject to the aesthetics of young players, he has emotions that will sometimes surprise you with unexpected behaviors.

Features My Talking Tom 2 MOD APK

Tom is a special cat

Tom is a very special cat so he will need you to take care of him. In My Talking Tom 2 you will be Tom’s father so you will have to take care of him to make him happy. Maybe you are wondering how you will do it? believe me it is not complicated, you just have to understand his basic needs.

As is the case that he will need to eat, you must rest him and of course like any pet, he likes to be pampered! There are a variety of foods that you can give him such as fruits, milk, meat, etc. When you run out of food you should go to the store to buy him more, always give him nutritious food.

Always keep Tom clean

Like any pet after long games Tom will get dirty and we will easily see it in the cleanliness clock that will start to decrease. That is when you should take him to bathe him and we will do it in a simple way just by clicking on the bath icon, it is important that you do not neglect Tom’s grooming by bathing him regularly.

If you let time pass without taking him to the bathroom tom will start to feel uncomfortable so take him to the bathroom and he will just close the door and do the rest! you can also cause him a joke by trying to break the privacy by opening the bathroom door which will emit humorous noises.

Boo Boo

Something interesting in My Talking Tom 2 is that it has a healing function because in real life we know that no one stays healthy all his life so tom at some point may also get sick (booboos). But of course in these cases there is a solution, you just have to select the first aid kit and select the medicine for booboos.

It is recommended that before closing the game, you should send Tom to sleep because if you don’t, sometimes when you want to play with him you won’t be able to because of how tired he is and you will have to send him to sleep. But there is also a feature that consists of buying a vial of medicine to get the full health meter using a diamond.

New mini-games

You can play new mini-games, including puzzle games, action games and Tom’s first multiplayer game!

New worlds to explore

Tom can travel and that’s great! You may wonder how this works? After completing each level, Tom will get a plane ticket where he can travel wherever he wants to go, plus you can buy dishes for decoration and also different kinds of clothes for Tom.

One of the best things in My Talking Tom 2 is to be able to buy totally unique clothes for Tom to adapt him to different themes by combining varieties. Completely decorate the living room, kitchen, bathroom and even the bedroom all in your own way.

Tom has a pet!

In addition to the default pet that Tom owns, there are 4 more pets to find, each pet has a totally different personality from the others as well as their appearance.

Conclusion my talking tom 2 mod apk no ads unlimited money

By downloading My Talking Tom 2 mod apk you will get a new super fun friend on your mobile device, Tom has made millions of friends over time including many children who enjoy his company, if you are a pet lover, this is your game!

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