Zombie Defense (Unlimited Money)

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Nombre:Zombie Defense
Requiere Android:5.0+
MOD Info:Unlimited Money, God Mode
Google play:com.HomeNetGames.ZombieDefense
Tamaño:54 MB


  • ✅️ Unlimited Money

Download Zombie Defense MOD APK right now and try an action and strategy game that combines defense with zombie theme. A unique zombie mobile game of the strategy genre with many attractive zombie killing game modes.

Zombie Defense is a classic tower defense game that stands out from its rivals with its additional gameplay capabilities. Its developers did a fantastic job to fascinate and surprise players. And you can check it out. The commander will lead the defense, place soldiers in dispersal positions and direct fire to the areas where zombies are killed. If necessary, he can launch aerial assaults and grenades.

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About Zombie defense mod apk

It is a real-time strategy game, in which players take control of a series of survivors of the zombie apocalypse who must work together to survive the endless hordes of undead, Zombie Defense has a really simple mechanic: we must place our characters in key areas of the stage so that they can defend their positions from the numerous hordes of zombies. They will shoot automatically, so choosing the best position to defend ourselves will be all our job.

We will be able to buy upgrades for our group of super survivors, as we complete missions. We will have at our disposal more than a dozen different recruits, which we can equip with any type of weaponry, including bombs, pistols, shotguns and machine guns, we will see our faces with different types of zombies and monsters in each level of the campaign, including a particularly large enemy that we must defeat using air strikes and other weapons.

Players of the strategy game Zombie Defense will have to make decisions very quickly, as the game features action-packed passages. The key to winning will be to carefully choose the areas in which we want our survivors to defend and stand out.


The zombie apocalypse has destroyed all life on Earth. You and your army will have to face off frequently in the toughest and most dangerous survival battlefields in the deliberate struggle to destroy the zombies, once you enter the game, the combination of fantasy style and terrifying elements will provide you with a spooky evening full of excitement. Due to the traditional strategic design, at first everything may seem quite chaotic and confusing. But when you get used to the 3D graphic design of the cinematics and the ascending perspective, you won’t be so surprised and you’ll be ready to jump into the battle right away.

To give you an idea of what to expect I’ll use the game scenes as an example. Not only do you circle around the city where zombies roam free, but you sequentially advance through other grim landscapes such as the people-less highway and the lifeless desert. Everything is dark and creepy. Whenever a group of blood-stained zombies appear with music that knows how to strike the hearts of others, the eerie silence of each location will make your heart lurch.

The attraction of the enthusiastic upgrade system

You can upgrade three crucial aspects of the battle as you play: weapons, troops, and vehicles. Specifically, you will receive a reward for killing zombies. This money is used to upgrade vehicles, weapons, and enemy attack systems.

Attraction from tactical elements

Unlike other zombie games, this one does not employ physical or armed force directly in melee confrontations with “the zombie family”. You will be the leader of Zombie Defense and you will be in charge of devising reasonable tactical strategies to eliminate all the zombies as quickly as possible.

The leader of the special forces group will be in charge of organizing, managing and constantly assigning the position of each troop according to the defensive and offensive strategy. This will help you fight against the numerous enemies you face. The Netflix hit Kingdom comes to mind. You will be the prince in this acclaimed Korean series who controls the war with all kinds of soldiers, weapons and communication channels to run the zombie war in the most effective and rational way possible.

Rich game modes, various missions

There are 4 game modes which are: Regular, Nightmare, 3-Man Challenge and TV Challenge.

  • Regular mode: You will appear in a ruined urban district. Small blue or yellow circles will appear on the screen of your device, to help you quickly assemble and organize your task force as you prepare for war.
  • Nightmare mode: Zombie enemies live long and multiply rapidly. Therefore, to succeed, troops must unite as quickly as possible and continuously upgrade their weapons.
  • Play in 3-man challenge mode: you will have the option to send three soldiers to fight simultaneously. The major attraction of this mode is that you can combine weapons to increase the soldier’s damage. Therefore, each weapon and equipment must be chosen carefully. You will lose if you choose incorrectly. When playing, you must also pay attention to all directions to make sure no soldier’s ribs are exposed.
  • TV challenge: You will be an army commander defending and protecting a reporter in action. This photographer will be in charge of documenting all the most terrifying moments of the battle. The game comes to an end when this reporter dies.

There are a total of 40 missions in the game. The task becomes more and more difficult the more advanced the game gets. As more and more types of zombies appear, you will find it considerably harder to defend yourself, on the other hand, you will have the opportunity to train 18 different types of soldiers, 150 upgraded weapons ranging from laser guns to the Telsa Tower and many other exciting things.

Why is it necessary to maintain the base and upgrade everything?

Six types of extremely dangerous zombies will be our opponents in this game. There are some types that are big and bloody, so they take a long time to shoot and destroy. On the other hand, the range is restricted regardless of the type of weapon you use. As a result, in addition to playing and fighting, you have to constantly recruit new soldiers, train new recruits, improve the skills of existing soldiers, and equip more soldiers with weapons. In this way, you can diversify your army to fight more powerful zombies and at the same time increase the strength and number of troops. Because of this, the battle can end more quickly.

MOD APK Version of Zombie Defense

  • Unlimited money

How to download zombie defense mod apk unlimited money

  • Download the APK file.
  • Allow in the settings to install applications from unknown sources.
  • Install the APK (for example, using a file manager).
  • Run the application.

Download Zombie Defense MOD APK for android

All in all, this zombie-themed tower defense strategy game is action-packed and has several unique game modes. Download Zombie Defense Mod Apk right now to get Unlimited Money with which you can upgrade all the different weapons to kill all the Zombies that threaten the survivors in the world. If you like tower defense games try this wonderful game and enjoy a different zombie experience.

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