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Name:Shadow Fight 2
Developer:Nekki – Action and Fighting Games
Size:117.09 Mb

Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK is a role-playing game that is a sequel to the famous “Shadow Fight” series of games by Nekki. Fight enemies complete your mission and unlock new levels, weapons and characters.

The main figure is no longer a legendary warrior hiding in the darkness, but a new face of Shadow Squad, whose name, gender and appearance you decide. When Shadow Fight 3 was first released, it was only available on phones and tablets with Android OS, but now you can enjoy this exciting game on a variety of platforms, such as consoles.

shadow fight 3 apk mod

What is Shadow Fight ?

Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk is the third installment of the Shadow Fight series and is a fighting game with RPG elements. You have to fight different enemies to complete your mission and also unlock new levels, weapons and characters.

In addition, it will allow you to experience various armor sets, melee and ranged weapons, a variety of fighting styles, there are equipment rarities: common, rare, epic, legendary and unique (this rarity is obtained in events).

The culmination of a lot of refined combat mechanics and world building. Shadow Fight 3 is Nekki’s most popular fighting game series and is an excellent fighting game.

Features shadow fight 3 mod menu apk

Character customization and progression

Shadow Fight 3 mod apk includes a lot of character customization and progression where you will have the opportunity to use many different weapons and equipment in this new part of the game. Unlike choosing a fixed style of fighter, you can change your fighter’s appearance, outfit and skill set according to the style you want.

With just two sliders for body size and face type you can also customize the color of your hair, eyes and skin tone according to what you want. As well as offering a variety of hairstyles that range from simple cuts like braids or buns to complicated styles with braids, curls under those bangs on top and other factors that you can change throughout the game, giving the feeling that you are progressing through the game.

Choosing your fighter’s outfit

The new Shadow Fight 3 not only allows you to change your appearance, you can also upgrade your fighter’s equipment throughout the game. Which includes various weapons and armor sorted by rarity and power, not only can you use many different punches and kicks (both high flying and slower, more powerful strikes), there are also hidden combos within each weapon type.

However, remember that if you are unlucky enough to be disarmed by an opponent, be prepared to use fists. Many of these must be acquired through the loot box mechanic, but the game rewards in-game currency for performing well in fights and progressing through the story mode.

Don’t forget to fight hard, because the opponent can take away your weapon. And if the weapon falls out of your hand, you will have to fight your hand completely, unless you summon a dark force to help you.

So remember:

  • Use the buttons to attack.
  • Jump, dodge and block enemy attacks.
  • Obtain new abilities during the game or summon a dark force to help you in combat.

A unique game world

The world of Shadow Fight 3 is large and diverse, revolving around the power struggle of the 3 factions Legion, Dynasty and Heralds. There are unique locations that add atmosphere to the game and you will fight in arenas in all kinds of locations.

After selecting the faction you wish to join, start training. As a new soldier in Shadow Squad, you will have to take on the emperor’s minions with their own moves and weapons to become the legendary shadow warrior.

New graphics

In the previous Shadow Fight 2 our character only had a mysterious black color, but now after regaining his form, the character is back in full color in a completely new blockbuster 3D graphics.

Shadow Fight 3 can adjust the graphics of the game to make it look brighter or darker and you can also set your own custom brightness value equally has raised the level of a fighting game to a new level by applying advanced design technology to this game, giving players very beautiful and quality graphics, creating a world that looks alive and incredibly authentic.

The best thing about Shadow Fight is its intense combat where besides being difficult fights, they feel fluid and responsive with easy swipe input to attack downwards or sideways, making the battle fast but not too fast when there is no time to react by dodging danger zones such as incoming enemy attacks.

Community and leaderboards

Shadow Fight 3 enjoys a large community around the world. It has many online guides on how to optimize your game so it is useful to read it before starting the game.

There are also regular special events in the game where you can unlock special and exclusive abilities to help strengthen your attack by improving your skills. Continuous updates and patches refine the world, adding new bosses, weapons and arenas.

Download shadow fight 3 apk mod unlimited everything and max level

All that this game has shown it is very easy to conclude that we are in the presence of a work of art, enjoy one of the best fighting games of all time with Shadow Fight 3.

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