Monster Fishing 2023 Mod APK v0.4.5

download Monster Fishing 2022 mod apk
Name:Monster Fishing
MOD Info:com.nexelon.realmonsterfishing2018
Developer:Nexelon inc.
Size:101 MB

Download Monster Fishing MOD APK now and start your sea and fishing adventure with the most realistic fishing game you will find for Android, upgrade your old fishing rod into a much better one and buy all the tools you need.

Many people enjoy fishing, as it is a recreational, relaxing and entertaining activity, so more than one has taken the initiative to bring it to Android devices through an app. Monster Fishing is the best, it is full of realism and entertainment for you to have a good time enjoying this activity, only virtually.

Monster Fishing 2022 mod apk
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  1. What is Monster Fishing 2023 MOD APK?
    1. Real fishing experience
    2. Rare and diverse fish species
    3. Upgrade your fishing rod
    4. Completely offline gameplay
    5. Realistic 3D Graphics
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  3. How to install/update Monster Fishing 2023 mod apk
  4. Download Monster Fishing 2023 MOD APK for Android

What is Monster Fishing 2023 MOD APK?

Monster Fishing is a fishing simulation game that is part of the Monster Fishing series of games developed by Nexelon. Whose first edition was released in 2018 receiving great support from the user community which encouraged the creator to continue with the sequel by improving it and making it more realistic to provide players with the best experience.

Monster Fishing is the third and final part of the saga currently and has everything an amateur fisherman needs for a good afternoon of fishing and relaxation different fishing areas to choose from, beautiful landscapes, fish of various species and endless realistic scenes with different levels to improve the fishing elements constantly. You can catch the most exotic fish to be part of your personal aquarium.

You will level up every time you catch a fish and as you level up you will be able to catch bigger fish that will give you many points.

Real fishing experience

the game provides you with a realistic fishing environment. As a fisherman you will have to board a boat and go into the ocean to start fishing you will have to hold the fishing rod and then throw the rope with the hook of the rod into the water by pressing and holding the "Push" icon in the middle of the screen and wait for a fish to bite to pick up the rope.

You must do it with the right strength so that it becomes easier to pull it out of the water. So you should practice to improve your fishing skills. To catch big fish you must start with small fish and the bigger the fish the harder it will be to catch it as you must fight for a long time to exhaust it.

Rare and diverse fish species

If your basket is empty, it is time to start fishing. The achievements are gradual at first you started at the seashore where you could only catch small fish and few species, as you passed levels the fishing area gradually expanded and you could get a boat and go into the ocean to catch much bigger and fiercer fish like sharks.

The game has more than 250 different species where you will also find starfish, shrimp and crabs among others, so train yourself and improve your skills so you can catch the humpback whale, the biggest fish in the ocean. When you feel tired of fishing take a break and go to your personal aquarium and enjoy watching in high definition the different fish and marine species you have collected. Take the challenge and collect all the species in your aquarium.

Upgrade your fishing rod

You must upgrade the default fishing rod of the game as it does not allow you to catch big fish because they require more effort, in the store you will find strong fishing rods and all the tools you will need for a good fishing, you must also upgrade the reel and rope, the app offers you different types of rope in terms of hardness and length so you can reach the rare big fish that live farther and deeper than the most common fish.

The same goes for the bait you need to improve it and it will be paramount to catch some particular fish, as big and aggressive fish like sharks need a fish as bait, while to catch small fish some worms are enough. The more diverse the baits you manage to gather the more diverse the catch you will get.

Completely offline gameplay

This feature is fabulous as you won't need an internet connection to play this exciting game. So anytime and anywhere you want you can play it, be it on your way to your daily activities, on a break or even if you are bored somewhere without internet connection. So as long as you have your mobile at hand you can enjoy the game.

Realistic 3D Graphics

has impressive realistic 3D graphics that will make you feel in the sea, since everything in the game has a realistic appearance including the fish and the water, which will make you enjoy a great experience fishing for rare species. If you feel like fishing and you can't do it physically, dive into this virtual simulation adventure and catch even big fish that you couldn't catch in reality and have a great time.

Enjoy 250 levels of adrenaline and excitement, realistic graphics and reach higher levels, so you can earn money to upgrade your fishing gear and buy the best aquariums to collect the best fish you can catch in the ocean.


  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited Diamonds

How to install/update Monster Fishing 2023 mod apk

  • Download the APK file.
  • Allow in the settings to install applications from unknown sources.
  • Install the APK (for example, using a file manager).
  • Run the application.

Download Monster Fishing 2023 MOD APK for Android

All in all, Monster Fishing is one of the best fishing simulation games available for Android and what has earned this its third edition more than ten million downloads worldwide, which speaks volumes about the good experience the game provides.

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