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    The World's Best Download Manager

    Internet download Manager (IDM 6.39.2) over the years has been gradually increasing its popularity and of course it is not surprising thanks to the great features offered by this download manager.

    Idm is a download manager that allows you to download from any site all kinds of different files, even surprisingly from YouTube itself we can download videos without the need to be using online tools or programs dedicated to this.

    Mostly and depending on where we start the download will allow the option to pause it to later continue with it being excellent as a download manager.

    Why Use Internet Download Manager 2021?

    One of its advantages is that if for some reason your computer shuts down with an active download, you will be able to resume it again without losing that valuable data.

    One of the points where it stands out and leaves its competition behind is the quality of when starting any download, it creates multiple connections to the same file to take advantage of all the bandwidth to your Internet and accelerate the download to the maximum, always obtaining the maximum speed in all your downloads.

    What's New in IDM for Windows

    What's New in version 6.39 Build 2 (Released: July 16, 2021)

    • Added search in an earlier way in the full IDM list (F3) when closing the search bar.
    • Fixed a bug when adding downloads from the command line.

    For more information visit its official website.

    Internet Download Manager Features

    Maximum Downloads

    It gives us a great advantage at the moment of making our downloads, dividing the file that we are downloading in several parts in order to increase brutally the speed of download, taking advantage to the maximum of the contracted bandwidth, after downloading it is necessary to wait a few seconds so that those parts of unite in a single file.

    Download Online Videos

    Thanks to this excellent program we can download videos of both short and long duration from any site, just put it to play so that above the video appears a bar with the word "Download this Video", pressing it will appear some options to choose the quality to download.

    Compatible with many browsers

    Supports the vast majority of the most popular browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Maxthon, Opera, Brave, among others. You can use your favorite browser with this incredible tool.

    One Click Downloads

    Downloading with IDM is a totally easy task, you only need your browser to have its extension active to be able to download without limit, just click on the link to start the download and not only that, you also have the option to copy that link and paste it into IDM to start the download.

    Plan Any Download

    This option is very important when you need all the bandwidth for any reason like playing online games, watching a movie that needs to be downloaded like Netflix, etc. You can schedule it to start downloading on a certain day at a certain time without any problems.

    Set priority

    With IDM you will be able to download any amount of files without limits, this option is ideal when you have more than one file downloading or you do not want that what you are downloading consumes all your bandwidth for being shared, you will be able to place a limit for the download in an individual way, this way it will be kept better controlled.

    Internet Download Manager Requirements

    • Operative System: Windows 7,8,10,11
    • Processor: 1ghz
    • Ram: 256 MB
    • Hard Disk Space: 30 MB

    IDM 2021 Datasheet

    • Language: Multilanguage
    • Size: 8.5 MB
    • Activation: Yes, it is activated by default
    • Windows: 7/8.1/10/11

    Download Internet Download Manager 2021

    Idm is considered as the best download manager for google drive, mediafire and others, having an extension so you can use it as a free download manager for Google Chrome or any other browser.

    Internet Download Manager 6.39.2Click Here

    RAR PASSWORD: systemtutos

    How to Install Internet Download Manager?

    • Unzip the rar
    • Run the installer as Administrator
    • That's all!!! it is already activated by default!

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