Eset Internet Security License Key 2024

20/05/2022 - Actualizado: 01/06/2022


I bring you a new alternative for eset nod32 internet security 2024, it has not yet been tested to see if it works also for nod32 antivirus version, so if you get to try it leave in the comments if it worked for you too.

Steps to Activate Eset Nod32 Internet Security

Step 1 Disable HIPS:

  • Settings.
  • Advanced Settings.
  • HIPS.
  • Deactivate the First Checkbox (the others will be automatically deactivated).

We make this action so that at the moment of pasting the license (we will see it in step 5) it does not generate error, when it finishes completely the activation we will be able to activate it again.

Step 2 Deactivate Live Grid:

  • Configuration.
  • Advanced Configuration
  • Cloud Protection
  • We deactivate the two Live Grid checkboxes.

This action is done so that the license is not cancelled, since other devices will have the same license, very important… it is permanent, we should not activate it again.

To eliminate the annoying messages that Live Grid is deactivated, since we will not activate it again, we will do the following.

  • Settings.
  • Advanced Settings.
  • User Interface.
  • Application States "Edit".
  • We deploy "General".
  • We deactivate the Checkboxes that have to do with Live Grid.

Step 3 Restart the PC:

It is not 100% mandatory but in some cases it has been necessary for the activation to take effect, when you finish performing the method leave in the comments if you had to restart the computer after disabling the options above.

Step 4 Disable the Antivirus:

In the taskbar right click on the antivirus icon and click on the option "pause protection" just setting it to 10 minutes will be enough.

Step 5 Perform Activation:

Download the following file:

RAR PASSWORD: systemtutos

Once downloaded we extract the rar file, copy the file "license.lf" and paste it in the following path: C:\ ProgramData \ ESET \ Eset Security \ License. (They must have activated "to see hidden files" or they will not find the route).

For the people who cannot paste it for lack of permissions, they should do the following:

  • First of all you must be logged in with the administrator account!
  • Go to the path C:\ProgramData
  • In the folder Eset give right click and properties.
  • Go to the Security tab.
  • Click on the Advanced Options button.
  • In the second option that says Owner, at the end it leaves Change, click there.
  • A blank box will appear where you must write the name of your user and click on Check Names.
  • Automatically it will finish filling the field and click on accept.
  • And finally click on the checkbox at the end that says "Replace all permissions entries….".
  • Accept and we could paste the content in C:\ ProgramData \ ESET \ Eset Security \ License.

I have received comments from people that this method has worked for them and others that still get the permissions error, for those people they just need to log in safe mode and paste the file in the path: C:ProgramData \ ESET \ Eset Security \ License and they will not get the error and can complete this step!

And that's it! we just need to restart the computer, enter the antivirus and woooalaa the license is valid until 2024.

Step 6 Activate HISP again:

We follow the same process of "step 1" to activate again the HISP and that's all friends!

As you can see it is a very easy process!!! Leave in the comments if it worked for you! ?

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  1. Makineli says:

    It was successful, thank you very much.

  2. Petrovich says:

    мне не понадобилось перезагружать..мне самому было интересно можно так или нет.... и вот что я скажу..лучше всё тоже самое сделать но через безопасный режим..быстрее будет. спасибо! это у меня тоже есть..я что то другое ищу..спасибо за труд

  3. Marius says:

    It works!!!! 🙂 I had to replace the license file in Safe Mode. Thank you!

  4. Miroslav says:

    Super successful.

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