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Name:Wattpad Premium
Android:Android 4.3+
Google Play Store:wp.wattpad
Size:37 MB

Download the latest version of Wattpad Premium Mod for Android OS right now. Become a part of this popular community of writers and readers. Enjoy its diverse library online and offline.

Wattpad is an app that opens a window to a large online community of people who enjoy reading and writing that you can easily access through its APP on your phone.

wattpad mod apk

What is Wattpad?

Not only music, movies, drawing and games are a good part of our life, also stories and books are an important part of our spirituality and personal growth. Many enjoy reading a good novel or a simple comic book in their free time.

So Wattpad is an application created in 2006 that is nothing more than a large, almost unlimited library of many types of readings that is constantly growing and that even allows you to upload your own writings. Available for different operating systems such as Android, iOS, iPad, Windows and iPhone. But today we bring you the mod app.

Features wattpad unlimited offline stories

The library of books

You will not need to pay for any other application Wattpad has a huge range of free books and literature and its developers are constantly adding more content that you can access at any time without any problem whether it is a story of romance, fantasy, science fiction or a comic book that has available any type of books and other literature.

In addition, you will find well known writers and others who are not, since they are just starting out. On the other hand, the app gives you recommendations according to the type of reading you read.

A social network of writers and readers

This app also works as a great social network in addition to having so many books, so you can follow your favorite writers, vote for the chapters you like the most of what you are reading, make comments, participate in contests or join user groups or if you want you can send a direct message to your favorite writer.

Read original and unique stories

In addition to already known books Wattpad gives you the option to choose original and unique stories created by the same users of the app, so if you are interested in new stories from different writers you will have them available in the comfort of your phone at any time, with this modified version. Your life will be more comfortable as you can enjoy a good story from an unknown author on your way to work or on a trip.

Share your own texts on the platform

For many users this is a dream come true, it is fantastic that someone gives you the opportunity to share your own stories with other readers and Wattpad allows you to do so. You can even add all the embellishments you like such as animations, gifs, images or videos and best of all without having to pay a penny.

Also, if you prefer, you can participate in contests that are held from time to time to gain more notoriety and money. The most outstanding contest is “Watty Awards” which is held every year. Logically for your story to be popular and successful it must be well done and well written and have an interesting and attractive argument. If so, you will gain success and the application will recommend it for more readers to enjoy it.

Stories for K-Pop Fans

In this App you will not only find famous books such as Harry Potter or the Twilight saga. It is also a great place to meet with many Kpop fans, if you are one of them you will definitely love Wattpad, as there will be many stories of your favorite idols that are constantly published and updated.

If you are a fan of BTS or BIGBAN you will definitely be thrilled with this app. You can also turn on notifications to be the first to know about new releases as Wattpad team really cares about following new trends and gaining the sympathy and constant interest of the public to keep up with the time, so Wattpad team really cares about the needs of its users.


If you have your Wattpad account you can use it to log in on different devices, this feature is very useful for thousands of users because you can continue the story that you could not finish for some reason on any device and anywhere, that yes, remember to activate the synchronization mode to save your activity history and your data so you can quickly find the books you have already read or are reading.

How to Install/Upgrade wattpad premium unlocked

  • Download the APK file.
  • Allow in the settings the installation of applications from unknown sources.
  • Install the APK (for example, using a file manager).
  • Run the application.

Download wattpad premium apk unlimited offline stories

If you are already bored of playing video games or watching movies and series all the time and want to experience other hobbies try wattpad premium apk unlimited coins and enjoy great reads or dare to write your own and interact with its giant community of readers.

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