Tiktok MOD APK v35.3.5 (no watermark, unlocked premium)

Name: TikTok apk
Requires Android:4.4 and later versions
Google Play:com.ss.android.ugc.trill
Size:210 MB
TikTok Premium APK

Tiktok has broken records for the number of users who have joined this platform, it was launched in 2016 and today it has more than 100 million downloads, just talking about Google Play Store.

Its popularity has been so great that after 3 years of being launched it obtained more than 1000 million users around the planet, if you are a user who does not know this application then keep reading! you will find excellent features.

tiktok premium mod apk
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  1. What is tiktok MOD APK?
  2. Features tiktok mod apk no watermark
    1. Create all your videos
    2. Videos of all kinds
    3. Trending on Tiktok
    4. Celebrities
  3. Conclusion tiktok premium apk without watermark

What is tiktok MOD APK?

It is an application that aims to share short videos, this way you communicate in a fun way with your viewers, create interesting content by interacting with the camera of your device while the videos are uploaded in real time.

The finished videos have an endless number of tools to add effects as well as filters such as rotate the videos, speed them up, different animations that you can find by category and see the changes in real time choosing the one you like the most.

The way the platform has become viral is that most of the videos made have a popular music in the background while the person imitates the song, varying greatly depending on the music that is selected from which they are breaking records.

Features tiktok mod apk no watermark

Create all your videos

Users can freely adjust the effects in-camera. TikTok comes in a variety of shades and images, including facial recognition effects, such as adding strawberries to cheeks, creating a puffy mouth or creating a dog face. Some of these are already available when you download the app, but some require an additional download if you want to use them.

However, creating filters for videos is also very important and should be invested in. As mentioned above, TikTok can change the colors of videos to make them as beautiful, cool or gloomy as you want.

Videos of all kinds

Tiktok has become the best place where you can find interesting videos of all kinds in high quality. Young people have become mostly users on this network where they have made a difference by showing day to day activities, TikTok videos are not too stylized or scripted, they are just an improvisational act or capture everyday life events enough to make a short film.

You can click this button to follow people who post funny videos frequently on TikTok. This way, their clips will appear on your message board, helping you not to miss any of the videos they post.

Ever wondered where the "wash your hands" trend came from by storm on social networks? That's TikTok. A simple content frame, some non-professional actors and a catchy song that comes at the right time is enough to make a fun short film. Posting a single video with interesting content, which others can then copy in their own way, is enough to create a powerful trend in many countries.


Being a social network in powerful growth this has given rise to famous people using Tiktok, it is impressive the amount of celebrities that we can find and not only that, this network has also formed famous people recently. We can even find famous athletes uploading their best moments.

Conclusion tiktok premium apk without watermark

Surely many times you browse other social networks, such as Facebook or Instagram, you'll see some short video going back to someone's activity with the little text "TikTok" underneath. Yes, TikTok allows users to create short videos of about 15 seconds to record their images and accompanying effects.

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