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    Information about Ccleaner Pro 2021

    Version:Free / Professional / Business / Technician Edition
    Size:23.44 MB

    The Best Windows Cleaning Program

    Ccleaner pro in its latest version 2021 is considered as the most powerful tool to perform an optimal cleaning to our system in depth, giving a great respite to our pc.

    It is responsible for deleting cookies, clear cache, clean the registry, this pc cleaner program is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10.

    This tool will make Windows faster by eliminating in depth the bausa that has the system, clean our trace of online activity, keeps us safe and of course freeing up space needed, plus it also cleans the registry of obsolete entries.

    Advantages of Ccleaner Pro for Windows

    • Faster computers: your computer is ready? as time goes by your PC accumulates useless files, as well as obsolete settings and drivers, ccleaner will take care of deleting all those files.
    • The Navigation is safer: when visiting a web page, we will accumulate cookies of each one of them and of course we will have a history, ccleaner professional for windows will be in charge of erasing all that information, reason why our navigation will be maintained in confidentiality.
    • Faster startup: the vast majority of programs always run silently in the background when we turn on the PC, ccleaner deactivates those programs that we do not need keeping the computer faster and of course! games will have better performance.

    Features of Ccleaner Professional 2021

    Faster Computer

    It is normal that as time goes by using our computer we begin to notice a certain slowness in it, our hard disk is filling up with junk files so the response capacity is decreasing. Ccleaner master takes care of those files, freeing up that potential space and returning speed to the system.

    Safe Browsing

    The disadvantage of using cookies is that some websites can track you as advertising, Ccleaner completely erases our search history and cookies, with ccleaner pro full our internet browsing remains completely safe.

    Removes Errors

    In the same way with the temporary files, as time goes by the registry fills up with obsolete entries creating errors in the system, Ccleaner will take care of analyzing and deleting all those registry entries full of errors so our computer will be much more stable.

    Fast System

    The vast majority of programs when installed by default run in the background even if we are not using it, Ccleaner will help us in this great task by deactivating those programs that we are not using at the moment but are still consuming resources.

    Cleaner pro full is of great help since it will allow us to always have our computer clean, so it will increase its speed in great consideration for the different optimizations that it offers us.

    In this way we will always keep our pc as optimal as possible, being one of the most chosen by users to fulfill their task as best as possible improving our system to amazing levels.

    What's new in Ccleaner Pro 2021

    For more information on the current and previous versions you can check the official website.

    Ccleaner Professional Requirements

    • Operating System: Windows 7/8.1/10 (32/64 Bits)
    • Processor: Intel or AMD 2ghz
    • RAM Memory: 1GB
    • Disk Space: 100MB

    Technical Data Ccleaner Professional

    • Language: Multilanguage
    • Sizet: 23.44 MB
    • Versions: Free / Professional / Business / Technician Edition
    • Activation: Yes, it comes pre-activated
    • Windows: 7/8.1/10/11 - 32/64 bits

    Download Ccleaner Professional Full 2021

    Download ccleaner full and eliminates those annoying temporary files that what they do is to go encouraging our team little by little, removes files from the trash, the history of all browsers, ccleaner pro free download and thus increases in consideration the storage of our hard drive, you will also find ccleaner portable that will fulfill the same function.

    Ccleaner Professional/Business/TechnicianClick Here

    RAR Password: systemtutos

    How to Install Ccleaner 2021?

    • Unzip the rar file with the password systemtutos
    • Run the .exe installer
    • Choose the version you want as well as if you prefer portable or the full version
    • Change the language to the language of your choice from the settings menu
    • That's it!

    NOTE: some people when installing ccleaner appears that the license expired or direct the free, to accommodate only need to close the program completely and run as administrator the cmd of the version you installed, to complete loading reopen the program and will be full!

    Leave in the comments your experience and any doubt also comment! 😀

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