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This post will be interesting to activate windows 11 and 10 2021 because many do not know that you can activate with a 100% legal digital license. Windows has many important improvements in company with the user experience and of course its operation between different devices.

What do I mean by this? Windows allows the different applications that are part of the system, can be reused on other devices that belong to the user.

So I recommend you to read this complete post to understand perfectly why we must activate Windows with a digital license and not using those third-party programs that do is to violate our security.

Is it safe to activate w10 w11 digital license activation script .bat?

Once we have the license for Windows 11/10, we will proceed with the activation method. To activate our Windows we will only have two options, the first one is a digital license and the second one is a product key that contains 25 characters. In this post we will concentrate with the activation of the Digital License.

I want to make it very clear, we all know about the existence of applications such as KMSPico, which works for any version and even allows us to activate Office.

I do not recommend the use of these tools, because they are illegal software that hide malicious codes that harm our equipment creating vulnerabilities, infecting our computer and what we get is to create security problems in our pc or making it not work properly.

Advantages when using w11/w10 digital activation

The main advantage of a digital key, when activating our Windows with a digital license is that this is completely tied to our hardware How so?

At the time of formatting your computer for any situation, this when you finish installing and verify the activation, you will notice that it will be activated automatically.

But as I said before the digital licenses for Windows are tied to the hardware, but in case you make a change of a component such as the hard drive, when reinstalling your operating system again no matter if you have the same ram memory or processor or motherboard.

You will have to re-activate your Windows since there was a change of hardware and of course when there is a change of hardware your Windows loses the activation so to speak.

How to Activate Windows 11 and Windows 10?

  • Download the file from the link above
  • Important to deactivate the antivirus and to be connected to internet
  • Run as administrator the file W10 Digital License Activation Script.cmd
  • A CMD will appear with a menu, click option 1.
  • The activation process will start
  • When finished, just press ENTER and then press 8 to exit.
  • That’s it!!! you will have windows 10/11 activated permanently!!!!

Download Windows 11 10 digital license activation scrip

Having said all the above about the digital license, it should not be an option the activation by programs that what they will do is to harm the operation of the same, the digital license is the best activator windows 11 and Windows 10.

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