YouTube Vanced MOD APK (premium unlocked) v18.47.45

Youtube Vanced mod apk
Nombre:Youtube vanced apk
Developer:YouTube Vanced
Size:58.92 MB

YouTube Vanced is one of the best modifications of the original application for watching and listening to YouTube videos on mobile devices with Android operating system that offers several advantages that the official app does not have.

YouTube Vanced is an alternative and advanced version of YouTube that has become quite popular lately that brings additional features in reference to the official app such as playing videos in the background, playing videos without ads, dark theme, black mode and others.

youtube vanced apk
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  1. What is youtube vanced cracked apk?
  2. Features youtube vanced no ads mod apk
    1. Does it bother you that you can't listen to YouTube when the screen is locked?
    2. All YouTube Advertising Blocked!
    3. Sophisticated night mode
    4. Brightness and volume controls
    5. High customization
  3. How to Install/Update youtube vanced premium apk cracked
  4. Download youtube vanced mod apk latest version 2023

What is youtube vanced cracked apk?

The application can run in the background so you can simultaneously both listen to music on YouTube and read and send text messages and other applications.

As we mentioned earlier YouTube Vanced apk mod blocks advertisements while you watch videos, movies, listen to music or just watch videos of recipes and cooking preparations or simple remodeling you can do at home. So if you are one of those who are constantly annoyed by advertising.

This app is definitely the best option to help you solve this annoying inconvenience and of course, you can optionally enable or disable this feature.

Features youtube vanced no ads mod apk

Does it bother you that you can't listen to YouTube when the screen is locked?

If the millions of people who use YouTube frequently and even daily complain about something, it is the impossibility of listening to music with the screen locked, forcing us to waste a lot of battery, it is simply illogical that YouTube does not adjust to the needs of its users and allows the application to be used with the screen locked.

YouTube Vanced offers you to play YouTube content with the screen of your mobile device locked. Obviously, you won't be able to see the images of the videos this way, but you will be able to listen to the content of your choice anywhere and anytime while you are on the go. It's simply wonderful!

All YouTube Advertising Blocked!

With YouTube Vanced you will be able to block all YouTube advertising as it is associated with some of the best ad blockers currently available on the net. Making annoying commercials a thing of the past and you won't have those annoying ads asking you to subscribe to the premium version of YouTube.

So with YouTube Vanced free you will be able to play your videos without worrying about annoying commercials. Besides, YouTube is introducing more and more ads to force you to buy a YouTube Premium subscription, so you will notice the immediate change as soon as you start using this wonderful app.

Sophisticated night mode

YouTube Vanced in night mode offers a black AMOLED that will allow your eyes to rest a lot during prolonged use of the app and also extend the life of your battery a lot and do not depend on having the device connected most of the time. The night mode is really wonderful.

Brightness and volume controls

The brightness and volume controls can be easily activated and controlled by touching the screen as they are based on video players like VLC, also offers you to customize the layout of the controls so that they are always or in the place where you find more comfortable and practical.

High customization

With this version of official apk you will be able to modify the codec options, change the default resolution, modify the comments section and even gives you the option to completely remove comments. It also offers you to activate advertising when you want to support a youtuber of your choice, among many other options.

Download YouTubeVanced APK Premium right now and enjoy the wonderful and best YouTube experience on your mobile device without the annoying ads and listening to the content of your choice in the background and with the screen locked.

How to Install/Update youtube vanced premium apk cracked

  • Download youtube vanced manager
  • Go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and enable it.
  • Open the application and select install youtube vanced
  • Select between the method (Root / No-root)

NOTE: if you select the No-Root method, you will have to install MicroG first, the app will provide you with a guide for installation, as is the case if you have MIUI you must disable MIUI optimization.

Download youtube vanced mod apk latest version 2023

YouTube Vanced is the app we all wish for as it makes YouTube a more comfortable, practical and useful experience, from the ability to play music even with the screen locked to a truly optimized night mode to save battery and rest your eyes and what's even better, an excellent blocker of annoying ads that interrupt videos.

Youtube Vanced apk

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