Traffic Rider MOD APK (Unlimited Money, No Ads) v1.81

03/08/2022 11:24

Traffic Rider mod apk
Nombre:Traffic Rider
Android5.0 +
MOD InfoUnlimited Money, No Ads
Size:110 Mb
Desarrollador:Soner Kara

The time has come for motorcycle lovers! prepare your mobile device and start riding the roads like never before with this fun game! dodge the traffic, choose between different models and endless fun.

Embark on an exciting journey by pressing the accelerator to the bottom, enjoy the different highways with excellent 3D graphics with details so that you do not miss the slightest of the trip.

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    What is Traffic Rider for Android?

    Traffic Rider for Android is a very popular motorcycle racing app that has been gaining popularity because it's not like other games with the same theme, you'll be riding down the road dodging other vehicles to reach your destination in a limited amount of time, it's available in over 18 languages.

    You must be aware of traffic as it will be quite busy so if you neglect you can hit and fall, subtracting valuable time, you have to dodge from pedestrians, trucks, cars and other motorcycles in order to get the necessary points to improve your bike as you progress through the game.

    Traffic Rider for Android video

    Traffic Rider Features

    Different game modes

    Each mode will be more difficult but more exciting, your main goal is to collect the highest score so try to go as far as possible to get more profit.

    Excellent graphics

    Dazzle yourself with its excellent details that are typical of a console game so if you are a racing lover and enjoy every detail around you this game is special for you!

    29 different types of motorcycles

    As you progress and accumulate rewards you will be able to exchange for a better vehicle each with different characteristics and improvements such as acceleration and power, you can also customize it to your liking.

    Improve your scores by increasing your speed

    The more speed you get the more score you will accumulate as the main idea is to get as far as possible dodging traffic so if you want better scores accelerate to the maximum and take a risk!

    Double your score by driving in the opposite lane.

    If speed is your thing, show that you are not afraid and be the best motorcycle driver by changing lanes, every second you are in the opposite lane your points will multiply but remember that your chances of crashing will also increase.

    MOD APK Version of Traffic Rider

    MOD Features

    • Unlimited Money
    • No ads

    Download Traffic Rider mod apk for Android

    In Traffic Rider we will be able to go finding different things that are interesting, varied game modes, maps to ride in different parts of the world, more than 40 levels to explore and of course we will be buying better motorcycles. Have a fun experience on your android device touring the roads.

    Traffic-Rider APK

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