Soul Knight MOD APK (unlock all characters) v5.4.8

soul knight mod apk
Name:Soul Knight
MOD Info:All unlocked
Size:600 MB

Soul Knight mod apk for Android is a fascinating arcade game that is a combination of RPG and shooter genre that many of us wish to experience, even once.

Soul Knight is an extremely difficult game to play which makes it a challenge for any gamer. The objective of Soul Knight for Android is to take down enemies in each level with your own heroes.

soul knight all unlocked
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  1. What is Soul Knight MOD APK?
  2. Features soul knight hack full character
    1. Heroes
    2. Weapons and pets
    3. Unlock new heroes
    4. Graphics
    5. Coins
  3. How to Install/Upgrade soul knight mod apk all characters unlocked
  4. Download soul knight mod apk unlock all characters and skins latest version

What is Soul Knight MOD APK?

The concept of the game is that high-tech aliens have stolen the magic stone that has kept the world in balance. So you will have to move among them by killing the aliens to recover the stone that is rightfully the earth's and prevent the world from falling into oblivion.

Soul Knight for Android has easy to control controls and a simple and intuitive interface so that you only have to focus on the enemies. In addition, it also has a good selection of weapons to choose from, including advanced alien weaponry. Choose your weapon and get ready to face terrifying alien enemies.

The Dungeon". Where your goal is to take down the enemies in each level with your own heroes.

Features soul knight hack full character


All heroes have unique skills that you can take advantage of, some of them able to use weapons, avoid bullets, stealth and many other abilities. Of course, each hero has his own charms as well as weaknesses. There is a good variety of free heroes. If you lose to revive some of them you can activate them with gems, watch an ad or just start over.

There are levels where after defeating all enemies, you receive a perk that will help you in the next level. There are even mercenaries that help you in the game process, but you have to spend money to hire them that if they will help you do a lot of work.

Weapons and pets

Soul Knight has 170 different weapons for you to choose from through each door, the weapons you use will be different, including guns, blades, bows, lasers among others, in order to use a weapon you need to have mana or soul (blue bar).

Each of the weapons has its own quality, for example, with some weapons you can destroy enemy units quickly, but you consume a lot of mana, which is inconvenient to use them regularly. So instead of choosing a weapon that causes a lot of damage, but with a short range that consumes your mana, it is more appropriate to use those that do not cost mana.

You will always have a pet with you, originally it will be a cat to help you fight the enemy and you can also buy another pet.

Unlock new heroes

Every time you open the game, you will be taken to the Living Room, where all the heroes of the game will be, remember that each hero has different stats and has a different special ability from each other.

The game allows you to buy new heroes with in-game money, while some heroes can only be bought with real money.

You will receive additional stats when upgrading heroes including HP, energy, cooldown reduction, ammo and others.


Soul Knight is well liked for using the legendary 2D Pixel graphics that evoke old machine games. This simple graphics platform leaves its users very satisfied, in addition to the charming sound of the game.


The game has different types of currencies such as gold is used to hire soldiers and support items or Gems which is the high-end currency, is used to buy new characters and pets, upgrade the current characters among other advantages. Even if you like you can also play a mini-game in the game lobby with the faith of earning a super power weapon to start your career or maybe earn more gems.

This game is ad-free, except that you see ads to receive 200 gems. It is not possible to see the stats of the weapon before you buy it in the store once you have bought it is that you will be able to know how much is the power of the weapon you have purchased.

How to Install/Upgrade soul knight mod apk all characters unlocked

  • Download the APK file.
  • Allow in the settings the installation of applications from unknown sources.
  • Install the APK (for example, using a file manager).
  • Run the application

Download soul knight mod apk unlock all characters and skins latest version

Soul knight hack all characters is super fluid and fun with this game you can explore the gloomy world of the dark castle, collect weapons, dodge bullets and destroy everything in endless shootouts that will not let you relax for a minute, once the characters are in the dungeons. The game takes place in a fantasy world, where not so long ago there was a Magic Stone.

Soul Knight apk

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