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pou mod apk
Developer:Zakeh Ltd
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In android you can find different types of pets as is the case of My Talking Tom 2, where each one represents different animals. This time we bring you a totally unique mascot that will surprise you.

This mascot comes with a great variety of mini games as well as different aspects for you to customize that you will not find in other types of mascots. It is considered as the friendliest and easiest to use mascot, totally ideal for the little ones at home.

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  2. What is Pou MOD APK?
  3. Features Pou for android
    1. Personalize your pet
    2. Take it for a walk
    3. Different mini games
    4. Feed and bathe him
    5. What kind of animal is Pou?
    6. What is the story of the game Pou?
    7. Who is the creator of the game Pou?
    8. What is the game that gives the most money in Pou?
    9. What happens if you do not feed Pou?
    10. How to put Pou to sleep?
  4. How to Install/Update pou money hack
  5. Download Pou MOD APK unlimited money and max level 2023


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What is Pou MOD APK?

Pou mod is considered to be one of the most popular virtual pets in all of android, it is quite simple to use where you will have many interesting things to discover. Although it is true that this pet is ideal for children it can also be used by different kinds of people.

For this reason in just the play store has the Pou hack apk with millions of downloads, over the years the popularity of this app is growing and there are more people who enjoy the company of Pou, you will feed him, you will dress him and you will witness his growth.

Features Pou for android

Personalize your pet

You can customize it in different ways as well as dress it according to your preference, try different looks with different clothes that look great and can be by day, by special dates, by time of year.

Take it for a walk

Unlike other pets that always stay in the same place, making him not very dynamic, you can take Pou to different places like the park, different stores or even the beach! Discover new places with your favorite pet.

Different mini games

Another feature that makes Pou very special is that it has different mini games inside the game for you to enjoy such as the popular Candy Cross, different puzzle games and others that are similar so that you are always having a great time.

Feed and bathe him

Like any pet in real life these are fundamental characteristics for your pet to be well, in the store you can buy a variety of types of food that you can use as well as products to keep pou healthy and clean.

What kind of animal is Pou?

You can say that it is not an animal nor by saying that it is an alien or other living thing in reality. It is shaped like a living potato with eyes and a mouth, which would be similar to Mr. Potato from Toy Story.

What is the story of the game Pou?

This excellent mobile platform game was released for the first time on August 27, 2012 and only in a short time has gained great popularity rarely seen in games for android.

Who is the creator of the game Pou?

It is a Lebanese Paul Salameh and was distributed by distributed by Zakeh, it was released for Blackberry, iOS and Android devices with a translation of more than 16 languages, it can be said that it was inspired by "Tamagotchi" a virtual pet created in 1996 (Japan).

What is the game that gives the most money in Pou?

Thanks to this modified version that we bring you, you do not need to spend a lot of time to earn money because you can get it from the beginning, but if you want to earn it legally is to bet on mini games like free fall, you will get a good level of rewards.

What happens if you do not feed Pou?

Many people think that if you do not feed him for a long time he will die but this is false, the most that can happen is that he tends to get watery eyes, something similar when he has not bathed for a long time.

How to put Pou to sleep?

To put him to sleep is a pretty easy task, the only thing you have to do is to take him to his bedroom and to make him sleep you just turn off the light of the lamp and that's it! he will sleep like a baby.

How to Install/Update pou money hack

  • Download the APK file.
  • Allow in the settings the installation of applications from unknown sources.
  • Install the APK (for example, using a file manager).
  • Run the application.

Download Pou MOD APK unlimited money and max level 2023

Pou has a certain resemblance to My Talking Tom 2 when it comes to taking care of your pet and playing with it. But Pou has its own characteristics which is why it attracts many players and of course the proof is its more than 500 million downloads in different parts of the world so do not wait any longer and opt for Pou the funniest pet!

Pou apk

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