Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK 2.35.1 (unlimited everything and max level)

Shadow Fight-2 MOD APK
Name:Shadow Fight 2
Desarrollador:Nekki - Action and Fighting Games
Size:147.09 Mb

Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a modified version of the updated official version and is the second part of the popular fighting and role-playing game. This version offers a lot of money after each game.

Shadow Fight 2, is the second part of Shadow Fight and the most successful version of the Shadow Fight series consisting of a series of fighting games released by Nekki, which was originally developed for Facebook and allowed players to fight online using a variety of weapon types, such as ranged weapons, melee weapons and magic spells which was left behind when Shadow Fight 2 was released for PC, consoles and mobile devices.

Shadow Fight-2 Unlimited Money
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  1. What is Shadow Fight 2 APK for android
  2. Features Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK
    1. Design
    2. New animation system
    3. Six different worlds
    4. Touch controls
    5. Customized warriors
    6. Cooperative mode
  3. How does Shadow Fight 2 play?
  4. How to download shadow fight 2 unlimited everything
  5. Download Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK

What is Shadow Fight 2 APK for android

It is the second part of the popular online Facebook video game Shadow Fight, so Shadow Fight 2 is a very good Japanese martial arts RPG developed for mobile devices that has been very successful.

This is also one of the best fighting and action games available today becoming a great success for its creators as it was received with great pleasure by the players for the remarkable improvements that were introduced in the game, which served as a platform for Neikki to dare with the development of Shadow Fight 3.

Features Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK


It features beautiful 2D graphics that instead of highlighting the subject in the background, this game highlights the background while the subject is completely black. Perfectly fitting this design to what the story of the game tells.

When participating in battles, you will notice the fluidity of the game. The hits, character effects and weapons combine to create a sort of action movie on your Smartphone screen. You may notice that the game is somewhat slow compared to high-speed combat games, as it explains the meaning of the Japanese samurai spirit: breathing, concentration and decision making. It can be said that Shadow Fight 2 is not a rushed game.

New animation system

It has a new animation system that promises you a combat experience that will make you feel immersed in it, which has been praised by players around the world.

Six different worlds

Another feature that makes it different from Shadow Fight is that Shadow Fight 2 brings you six different worlds to go through as you explore them which will allow you to play for hours without getting bored. As you advance through the different worlds, your character will develop and you will find everything that the game worlds have to offer you.

Touch controls

Since the original game was designed for Facebook, the need arose to create a system of touch controls to adapt it to PC, consoles and mobile devices, which has been well received by the gaming community.

Customized warriors

You can customize the warriors as much as you want, you can also use different weapons and armor to protect and attack, you can also learn different magical powers to take advantage of the qualities of your character and make it stronger than ever.

Cooperative mode

Shadow Fight 2 is not only for fighting against other players, but you can also join other players to fight together in different online wars.

How does Shadow Fight 2 play?

The game is played in a very similar way to typical role-playing games like Mortal Kombat. Which consists of participating in melee combat using the control keys to attack, move and evade the opponent's attacks so you must combine these keys to create skills constantly. You can use a variety of deadly weapons that can be of four types:

  • Your hands: Hit or use weapons
  • Your legs: Use kicks to attack the enemy.
  • Dag: Throw damage to enemies from long distances.
  • Mage: Use magic to attack

Shadow Fight 2 has different levels with different difficulty levels ranging from easy to extremely difficult. The first stage is basically for you to get to know how the controls work and to be able to pass quickly without any obstacle. The successive stages will be more difficult, you will have to adapt and make the correct movement or receive an attack at any slightest carelessness.

This game is not very difficult and does not have many functions, but it is not for people in a hurry so you must have some patience if you want to conquer all the game worlds. It also maintains its charm by continually adding new effects and new areas to explore.

How to download shadow fight 2 unlimited everything

  • Download the APK file.
  • Allow in the settings to install applications from unknown sources.
  • Install the APK (for example, using a file manager).
  • Run the application

Download Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK

The qualities and features offered by the Shadow Fight 2 release far surpassed Shadow Fight so most users began to massively migrate to Shadow Fight 2 and were fascinated and it has been such a success that Neikki started working on Shadow Fight 3, making the original Shadow Fight obsolete.

Shadow Fight 2 apk

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