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whatsapp plus para android
Name:Whatsapp Plus apk
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WhatsApp Plus is the most popular MOD of this excellent online messaging application, with many great features unlike the original version from the Play Store. Little by little it has been gaining a lot of popularity and it is not surprising.

For many users who prefer more detailed information they will find in this app great features that will easily make it the best messaging application for android.

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  1. What is WhatsApp mod apk?
    1. Hidden connection status
    2. Hide second Blue Check
    3. Remove Recording/Writing from your status
    4. Auto reply
    5. Complete privacy of chats
    6. Great customization
    7. Anti delete messages and statuses
  2. How to download whatsapp plus mod apk latest version
  3. Download whatsapp plus mod apk for android

What is WhatsApp mod apk?

It is a modified WhatsApp application that has the original code as well as the servers, in this way it incorporates extra functionalities and features that we will not find in the original version of WhatsApp Messenger.

Many recognize this application by its characteristic color which is blue, but its greatest recognition is in the options menu where we will find Plus Settings, in this way we will be able to completely configure WhatsApp+

Hidden connection status

Thanks to this feature you will be able to be active in the application but your users will not be able to know it.

Hide second Blue Check

This will allow you to read a message from any contact or group without letting them know that the message was read until you reply to them.

Remove Recording/Writing from your status

When you start recording a voice memo or start typing a text in the chat, the other person can see what you are doing at the moment.

Auto reply

Another feature that stands out is the ability to use auto-replies, widely used by marketers.

Complete privacy of chats

You can easily set a password to your chats individually or in groups, completely forget about eavesdroppers.

Great customization

You can change from the theme, font size, font, color, fully customize the chat box as the home screen. Customize completely to your liking with no limits!

Anti delete messages and statuses

If you activate this option no contact in a private chat as in a group can delete a message in your chat even if you place the delete option for all, similarly happens with the states, you can see it until its normal time limit 24hrs.

WhatsApp Plus or also called Whatsapp+ will give you many features such as sending large files (being impossible in the original version), offers video and audio calls in HD, etc.. Use this excellent application and discover all its benefits!

How to download whatsapp plus mod apk latest version

  • Uninstall the version you have of WhatsApp
  • Download the latest version from this post and install it.
  • Run and configure your number in the same way as the official version.

NOTE: It is important that when uninstalling the version you have do not delete the WhatsApp folder, this way you will easily recover all the chats.

Download whatsapp plus mod apk for android

This famous MOD of Whatsapp brings us spectacular additional features that does not have the original version of the play store, Whatsapp Plus has earned its fame as it is a totally stable app in the long term, surpassing in great consideration to your original version.

WhatsApp Plus APK

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