MX Player Pro MOD APK v1.49.0

15/08/2022 13:22

mx player mod apk
Name:MX Player Pro
Size:85 MB

Nowadays we will be able to find lots and lots of video players for android, but… if what we want is quality there is where we come across MX Player where it stands out in that area, being considered one of the best for its great flexibility functionalities.

It is considered the best video player for android, it plays any type of multimedia content in any format, its interface is totally intuitive so you will learn to use it in a matter of seconds.

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    What is MX Player Pro mod apk?

    By downloading MX Player Pro APK for Android we will get countless codecs for video that will allow us to play any type of format without problems. Thanks to its excellent optimization we will have a great ease of use.

    It has a simple interface where you will have the buttons to update the list, search and the quick menu. Besides searching the content by text it also has a built-in voice search which would be quite convenient to find all your content.

    Features MX Player Pro

    Simple Interface

    If you download movies from Internet sources (which already have subtitles), but the movies are not of high quality due to their large size. If you want to experience a higher quality movie, you should download the original file without subtitles via torrent. This application allows you to download movies and subtitles separately, then the application automatically synchronizes with the movie. You can also customize the speed of the subtitles.

    Notably, MX Player Pro also includes hardware decoding to help you watch movies smoothly. The multi-core decoding performance is improved by up to 70%, and in addition to decoding, it also supports NVIDIA Tegra K1 series. Especially the child lock function on the interface makes you feel more comfortable when you hand the phone to your kid, without worrying about him/her clicking anything.


    MX Player Pro allows you to insert subtitles while watching movies. You just need to download the subtitles of the movies you want to watch and add them to the player, and you can watch high quality original movies with subtitles. In particular, you can zoom in and out the subtitles, go to the next or previous text, etc. In general, it is very convenient to use this application to watch movies.

    Play All Your Content No Matter the Format

    MX Player Pro has a wide variety of video formats supported, for example: AVI, MKV, MP4, FLV, WEBM and many more as well as music and subtitle formats.

    Easy Gesture Control

    You can control the playback of your content by gestures such as pinching the screen to increase or decrease the size of the video.

    Many Options to Customize

    Mx Player contains many options to customize such as playback options, choose different themes, change the style of the player.

    Best Optimization

    Mx Player Pro has great optimization to work on any android device, mobile, tablets, etc.

    MOD APK version of MX Player Pro

    MOD Features

    • Full Adfree as a VIP PASS
    • No login for HD download
    • Game and takatak tabs removed
    • Disabled video autoplay on top Banner
    • Improved local video page
    • Removed screenshot restrictions (for non-DRM content only)
    • Forcibly enabled online content for non-Indian users (may/may not work)
    • Child mod moved to top navigation

    How to install (upgrade) MX Player Pro

    1. In settings enable installation from unknown sources
    2. Download and install the apk
    3. Run the application
    4. That's all!!!

    Download MX Player Pro mod apk 2022

    MX Player Pro es la primera opción que debes de tener en cuenta al pensar en un reproductor para tu dispositivo android, se ha ganado su gran puesto entre los mejores reproductores de videos y no es de sorprender por sus grandes características.

    Descargar MX Player Pro

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