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20/07/2022 14:20

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Every time over the years we have seen the need to save our personal documents in the cloud, in order to have a backup of our information as well as being able to access them wherever we want whenever we want in addition to bringing 365 office license.

Microsoft realizing this great need that we had the users took full advantage of that taking out a version called Microsoft Office 365.

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    What is Office 365 and what is it for?

    By downloading free office 365 any office tool is available to be able to make a saved in the cloud, so you do not have to worry about losing your documents for any reason that may exist.

    Between power failures, system errors, viruses, anything that can happen to your PC that can damage or delete your information will be completely safe.

    And not only that, you can access them from anywhere in the world just by having an internet connection, also access those documents using another compatible device such as a phone or tablet, it is fully compatible to edit your documents on more than one device.

    Office 365 Professional Plus Features

    Stored in the Cloud

    Thanks to this great benefit we will have through the cloud Google drive edit documents online, space to store all our documents and of course be able to access that information from anywhere and any device.

    And not only serves not only to access, but also to keep our information safe.

    Different Operating Systems

    It is not only available for Windows, we can also find others like Mac. Also full compatibility with other devices such as Tablet so Android would enter the other compatible operating systems.

    Office 365 is designed for the most used OS in the market.

    Mobility without Limits

    You can create or edit documents on the go because it is compatible with mobile systems such as Android, Windows Mobile, Iphone.

    So you will not have to be sitting at a computer to access your documents, a great help for people who have mobile jobs, being able to access your documents anytime, anywhere.

    Team work

    A great novelty that brings us office 365 is the ability to edit documents simultaneously with another person, it helps a lot in teamwork that need the input of information together, so it will give greater efficiency when creating documents.

    Save Automatically

    Who has never sat down to edit a document for hours and forgot one of the most important things "save" and suddenly the computer shuts down due to a system error or stops responding or the power goes out so we have to say goodbye to our document forever and start over again.

    Don't worry! it automatically saves the information from the moment we start writing so our only concern now will be just to write and write.

    Use Pdf Content in Word

    Now we will no longer have that headache when we want to use information from a non-editable pdf that we only had to go retrieving fragments, now we can easily insert content from Pdf to Word.

    For more information visit their official website.

    How to download and install Office 365 full free?

    • Download Office 365 and extract the rar using the password systemtutos
    • Run the Version of your choice 32 or 64 bits
    • Once the installation is finished, run the activator.cmd file as Administrator.
    • And that's it!

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    Enjoy the best office automation tool that you can have in windows, where you can create, edit and even modify your documents without any limits!

    Office 365 Full

    RAR PASSWORD: systemtutos

    How to Troubleshoot There is a Problem with your Office License?

    Recently Microsoft made an update in office 2019 and 365, so even if we check in the account section we will find that it tells us that the product is activated, but still when we enter we get that annoying message of getting original office.

    You can be a victim of a counterfeit software tells us office even when it is activated, I bring you some methods that you can use to remove that message.

    Method 1: Optional Connected Experiences :

    • This is the simplest solution but it does not work for everyone, for this we will do the following:
    • Enter any office tool (word, excel, etc).
    • Go to the menu and select accounts
    • Under Account Privacy, you will find a button that says Manage Settings.
    • Disable the checkbox that says Optional Connected Experiences
    • Restart Office and you are done!

    Another method coming soon!

    How many services are included in the Office 365 package?

    All the features found in the full installation, from PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Outlook, Publisher and access, the latter two will only be available for the computer version.

    How much does Microsoft Office 365 cost?

    This version that we bring you is totally free, so you will not have all the full version so you can use it without any limits, but if you decide to buy it, it has an approximate price of 96 USD.

    How to have Office 365 free on Windows 10?

    This version is only compatible with the Windows 10 operating system in all its versions, so when you download and install it, it will be working without problems.

    How to use Office 365 without logging in?

    When you install the application you can start using it without any problems, but keep in mind that if you do not log in you will not be able to save in the cloud, only locally on the device where you are using it.

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