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    Record your screen and edit your video in the easiest and most professional way

    It is a program that thanks to the growing demands of users for an application to record the screen in windows to make tutorials or straming of any kind to upload it to social networks like Facebook and YouTube.

    We get this powerful tool that will solve practically everything because in it we can find many tools, on the internet we can download free screen recorder but nothing like this tool.

    The first and most prominent is its powerful screen recorder for pc, in which we can create the best tutorials where you will not miss even for a moment what happens on the screen, easily record any movement as sound that occurs on our computer, being able to choose the appropriate resolution.

    And not only that, we can also record only a part in case we do not want to record a section, so we can share it in the most professional way possible, and of course! not forgetting the gamers, where they can share in a fluid way any type of game so that the user can have a good experience.

    Its second and powerful tool is its video editor, having everything in one! so after recording our tutorial or straming, we will have the option within the same camtasia studio software, to edit our video to taste, being able to zoom it, modify the audio, cool transitions, among others.

    Why use Camtasia Studio 2021?

    Thanks to Camtasia we will have in just one program all the tools we need to create the best tutorial videos or straming for the best user experience, and one of the things also quite striking is the size of the final video.

    Weighing very little in the same way we will have an incredible quality and fluidity, its interface is very easy to use, so you do not need to be an intermediate user or expert to create professional videos, each tool is easily at hand to choose what you need without having to get lost among the options.

    What's New in Camtasia Studio for Windows

    This new update brings us improvements in its version 21.0.5 updated 30 June 2021

    • 3D LUT visual effect has been added.
    • Source file names are now truncated into separate projects if they were too long to save.
    • Added option to the recorder: show countdown before recording.
    • Option added to recorder: skip recorder from recordings.
    • Option added to recorder: restore cursor location after pause.
    • Option added to the recorder: exit the recorder after recording is stopped.
    • Improved text navigation when typing in annotations.

    For more detailed information about all the changes, visit its official website.

    Camtasia Studio 2021 features

    Great Video Effects

    Creating professional videos has become a simple task with camtastudio, being able to create text animations for example that we see in movies, we will also have the options to animate icons and images in order to have a professional result and of course not forgetting the transitions that give the video an incredible look.

    Easy Video Editing

    Without so many complications we can select all the material that we are going to use in our video so that later we can start mixing. By simply dragging each content we can easily put together our project, having at hand the options that we can put to our final result.

    Best Performance

    This program to record screen pc computer screen takes advantage of the consumption of the CPU and RAM memory in an incomparable way so that at the moment of editing our video it is as optimal as possible as well as at the moment of the rendering, obtaining a faster result in the creation of our projects.

    Audio Tracks

    At the moment of editing our video we will be able to choose the music that we consider ideal, also being able to edit it as for example to control the volume, and not only that, we can also handle more than one audio track at the same time, the limit is established by you.

    Record with Webcam and Microphone

    This great tool to record pc screen is useful for tutorial videos or also when straming a game, so you can narrate or speak better to the users who see the video so they can understand you better and create a connection with them.

    Record Any Area of Your Screen

    Camtasia Studio when recording screen video has the double feature of being able to record at the beginning a section of your choice or record the entire screen and when editing the video it will allow you to show a section of the screen at the time you want.

    Camtasia Studio 2021 requirements

    • Operating System: Windows 10 (64-bit)
    • CPU: Intel® Core™ i3 Processor with 2.8 Ghz / AMD® Ryzen™ 3 1200
    • RAM: 4GB (8GB recommended)
    • Hard Disk Space: 4GB

    Technical Data

    • Language: Multilanguage
    • Weight: 466 MB
    • Activation: Yes, it comes activated by default
    • Windows: 7/8.1/10 - 64 bits

    Download Camtasia Studio 2021 Full

    Its screen recording is a powerful tool that will help us for our tutorials, when recording pc screen, it contains everything you need to get the best result.

    Camtasia Studio 2021Click Here

    RAR PASSWORD: systemtutos

    How to Install Camtasia Studio 2021?

    1. Run the Installer
    2. At the end of the installation, do not run
    3. Open the Crack folder, copy the 3 visible files and paste them in the folder where it is installed.
    4. Paste the TechSmith folder in the following path: C:\ProgramData
    5. That's all!!!!

    IMPORTANT!!! Always run as administrator to start it.

    Leave in the comments your experience 😀

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