Bitlife MOD APK v4.0.0 (unlimited money)

Bitlife mod apk
Developer:Candywriter, LLC
Size:147 MB

Download BitLife MOD APK and see for yourself how each and every decision you make can affect a person's life, this excellent simulation game lets you discover how tiny choices can be life changing and make you experience a new life.

Life is like playing Russian roulette, you never know what comes next, whether a miracle will come your way or your life will end. You can simply say that the gameplay of BitLife is similar to a series or a visual novel, the difference is that instead of assigning lines to the characters, you will choose actions to be performed by the main character in each timeline.

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    1. Life Simulator
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    4. Time Machine
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  • Unlocked VIP Features: access to pet stores, special pets…
  • Bitizen icons and features only for Bitizen
Bitlife español mod apk

What is Bitlife APK for android?

This is the latest simulation game developed by Candywriter publisher and it is considered a life simulation video game, as it allows you to simulate the life of any ordinary person or maybe one that is out of the ordinary, just as it is in reality that all people are different and some lead more striking lives than others.

So you can lead your characters to achieve the success you wish for them, if you have the ability to make the best decisions along the way of their life. There are many comparisons between Bitlife and Sims as both are life simulation games, but the truth is that they are very different simulators, while Bitlife allows you to enjoy a wide range of options to choose different jobs in your adult life.

It also offers them since you are a child as you will be able to choose your toys, but be careful of your choices as these can condition the options you will have available when you are a teenager to decide your studies, however Sims only allows you to build your dream house and choose from a handful of jobs.

Features bitlife mod apk

Life Simulator

The game is considered one of the most interesting and attractive life simulators on the market. Customize your characters, you even have the freedom to create characters with different characteristics for each life to get different results and more entertaining games, explore all the options you get in every game you want to play!

Make decisions

The game offers you a high rate of playability and reusability so to speak, since each game offers you the possibility to make different decisions that will result in very different lives and that will make you enjoy the game and its experiences.

Surprising events

While it is true that some events are predictable within the game such as your best friend getting annoyed with you or someone liking you and that person asking you out, as in life itself, there will be events that you will not see coming that will be unusual and will make the lives of the characters more intense and interesting.

Time Machine

How many of us at some point in life have not wished to have a magical power to change something from the past that we have regretted or a time machine to travel back and embrace a person we miss or relive a moment we long for, but we can not do anything about it, but move on. Well BitLife makes it possible with its Time Machine function, you can go back in time and change something you want.


Despite not having flashy 3D graphics bitlife mod apk Spanish will make you live an experience that can be compared to reading a good story as the game is designed as a diary that tells and writes the story of its protagonist. Once your selections are made, the most memorable events will appear on the screen.

How to Install/Upgrade bitlife unlimited money

  • Download the APK file.
  • Allow in the settings the installation of applications from unknown sources.
  • Install the APK (for example, using a file manager).
  • Run the application.

Download Bitlife MOD APK unlimited money

In short, bitlife spanish mod apk god mode is not a simple simulation game as it makes you see life from a different perspective. Life is very different for everyone and can be lived in a thousand different ways, but good decisions and good choices, accompanied by a positive attitude, will definitely open up many opportunities that will lead you to live a good life.

Bitlife Apk

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