CCleaner MOD APK v24.02.0 Download (unlocked pro)

Name:CCleaner Pro apk
Android:4.4 and later
Size:35.44 MB

CCleaner Premium apk is an excellent program that will serve us for the complete cleaning of our android, it is known originally mind by the great popularity it has on the PC, now migrated to mobile devices.

In addition to helping us with the elimination of excess data that begin to accumulate by the different apps on our device, it will also help us to control the battery to have more autonomy.

ccleaner pro apk
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What is Ccleaner MOD APK?

It will help us to eliminate all the cache files to greatly clear the internal memory of our android, as time passes little by little this will slow down due to the accumulation of junk files that are generated by each app.

It is considered the best cleaner for android because it does it intelligently without compromising our important files, when the diagnosis is finished you will see the report of the deleted temporary files and the recovered memory.

Ccleaner MOD APK premium unlocked Features

Junk File Cleaner; CCleaner is an app that allows you to remove junk files, cache, logs and other unnecessary files that take up space on your Android device. This helps to free up storage space and improves device performance.

RAM optimization: In addition to cleaning junk files, CCleaner also optimizes your device's RAM, which helps improve its speed and performance.

Application manager: The app also features an app manager, allowing you to see what apps are installed on your device and how much space they are taking up. In addition, you can uninstall apps that you no longer need directly from the app.

Storage analysis: CCleaner also shows you how your device's storage is being used, allowing you to identify which files are taking up the most space. In addition, you can perform custom scans to identify duplicate or unnecessary files.

Easy to use: The application is easy to use and has an intuitive user interface that allows you to access all of its functions quickly and easily.

Privacy protection: CCleaner also has a privacy protection feature, allowing you to delete browsing history, cookies and other private data from your device.

Additional features: The application also includes additional features, such as the ability to uninstall multiple applications at once and the ability to schedule automatic scans and cleanups.

Conclusion ccleaner pro mod apk

If you are looking for a good optimizer for your mobile device that does a good job deleting the cache, deleting duplicate files, files that have not been used for a long time, this is the perfect application for you, give back the speed to your android!

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