Among Us MOD APK all skins and pets unlocked

2023.4.28 (MOD)


among us mod apk
Name:Among Us
MOD Info:Unlocked All
Size:219 MB
Developer:Innersloth LLC

Among Us, is a game that has become a phenomenon that everyone is talking about, making it one of the games of the moment and owes part of its success to the fact that some youtubers started playing the game and recommending it in their networks.

The thing is that among the astronauts there is an impostor who wants to eliminate the rest of the crew. So it will be necessary to differentiate them before they try to kill everyone else. Among Us has several modes and you can play against real players and against the machine.

among ud mod menu

You can choose which player you want to be if you choose to be one of the crew members, you must move carefully through the compartments, if you run into one of the impostors, you must inform the other members of the group about him.

If you choose to be the impostor you must be clear that you are the member that everyone wants to get, so you must do everything possible to get rid of all the crew members, approaching them from behind and executing the assassinations.

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  1. What is Among US mod apk?
    1. What are you waiting for to embark on an exciting space excursion?
    2. You must be able to discover the impostors before it's too late!
    3. Nice graphics
    4. Sound system
    5. The animations
    6. The controls
    7. Play online multiplayer games with up to ten players.
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  3. How to download among us unlock all skin and pets apk
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What is Among US mod apk?

Among Us is a fascinating, simple, fun and very addictive multiplayer game, where the main objective is teamwork, beliefs and doubts of a group of astronauts navigating in space. Before they must find a way to launch the ship to go out into space. But, there are some assassins infiltrated in the crew with the intention of killing them all.

The above mentioned makes it one of those games that are chosen to entertain for a while and when you realize it, you have already spent several hours in front of the screen glued to the game, as the games become an exciting game of deception in which each player tries to convince the rest that he is not the impostor.

What are you waiting for to embark on an exciting space excursion?

But beware that in this adventure a few surprises await you that will make you live a walk through space full of adventures because it is very possible that among the crew there are impostors who will not stand still, on the contrary, they will try to sabotage the ship and kill the crew members.

You must be able to discover the impostors before it's too late!

But be careful, you'll never know who you can trust and who you can't trust. Apart from discovering the impostors, you have to perform a series of tasks to fix the ship before the impostors kill the entire crew and get away with it. But don't worry, if you suspect any member of the crew, you can call the rest of the players to a vote to expel them from the ship.

Nice graphics

The graphics are simple two-dimensional and surprisingly pretty, they are well designed and give the game a dazzling look. After all, this is a game meant to be played while spending time with your friends and family. The look of the characters and their settings are endowed with unique and quite unique designs and you may even come to think that each character may have his or her own personality.

Sound system

It contains an excellent melody that prepares you perfectly for what comes next and accompanies the menus and of course worthy of accompanying the soundtrack of a good horror movie.

The animations

The game can run at 60 fps at its best optimization. Wander around the map performing simple actions that look and feel great throughout the game. And that's with its simplistic artistic choices, it's easy to appreciate the effort, creativity and imagination of this game. Where its light-hearted atmosphere complements the style choices perfectly.

The controls

They are simply simple and intuitive, it will only take you a few more seconds to get familiar with them. On the left you have the scrolling touch control. On the right, there are the icons that allow you to perform different options such as using one of the map elements or reporting an event.

Play online multiplayer games with up to ten players.

Another of its features is that you can play either in a local network or multiplayer games in real time over the Internet with your friends or other fans of the game.

In addition, the game servers allow you to ally with players from other parts of the world, which is essential for a greater distraction. So you're going to have to convince the rest of the participants that you're not the impostor. Or maybe you are?


  • Unlocked Masks
  • Hats unlocked
  • Unlocked Pets
  • No ads

How to download among us unlock all skin and pets apk

  • Download the APK file.
  • Allow in the settings to install applications from unknown sources.
  • Install the APK (for example, using a file manager).
  • Run the application.

Download Among us MOD APK for android

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Among US apk

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