Download Adobe After Effects CC 2021 2022

25/11/2021 13:30

Update:Adobe After Effects 2021 v18.4.1.4 / Adobe After Effects 2022 v22.0.1.2
Requirements:Windows 10 / Windows 11
AuthorAdobe Systems Inc
Size:After Effects 2021 (1.23GB) / After Effects 2022 (1.40GB)
Activation:It is activated by default

You will be able to create movie intros, make the best scene, animation professionals and designers use this excellent tool to create those graphics with movements and effects.

This animation software will allow you to design and create professional motion graphics for movies, videos and web, by being part of Creativa Cloud you will be able to share all your files, including templates and videos wherever you are on pc or mobile devices.

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    Benefits Adobe After Effects 2021/2022

    The main benefits of Adobe After Effects CC is its great versatility with its tools and of course the potential it has to create those contents with high quality.

    1. Data-driven animation: after effects introduces a new tool that will allow you to create these animations as well as motion graphics using data files.
    2. Ultra realistic videos using virtual reality: you will have all those tools as well as necessary features that will help you create those videos recommended to gamers and of course! the public.
    3. Editor for virtual reality videos: with this application, we can edit virtual reality or 360 videos using the VR Comp Editor.
    4. Application of effects in virtual reality: after Effects CC also provides us with functions such as tools that will allow us to add those virtual reality effects to 360 / VR videos.
    5. Animation process with expressions: it also has a totally solid tool that will simplify and speed up the animation of objects.
    6. Managing mask and shape points with expressions: by using this application, we can also animate those objects that are specific such as masks and shapes using expressions for their waypoints.
    7. Creating keyboard shortcuts: we will find a visual editor that will allow us to register our own keyboard shortcuts.
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    Adobe After Effects 2021/2022 Features

    • Edit, Create, Animate Videos.
    • Incorporate those effects and graphics that are in motion.
    • Perfect images for television, video and even film for the web.
    • All your imagination turned into real-world images.
    • All the amazing content at your fingertips.
    • The user interface is completely simple and easy to use.
    • It uses all the totally explosive effects to get those pretty mind-blowing results, being able to combine those videos and image like for example placing a UFO in the sky, all those aspects you want at the palm of your hand.

    Adobe AE is 100% compatible with other Adobe applications, you can import work and collaborate with editors even if you are on the go.

    After Effects 2021/2022 Requirements

    Processor: Intel multinúcleo con compatibilidad de 64 bits.
    Operating System: Windows 7/8/10 64 bits
    Ram: 8 GB de RAM
    Video Card: Tarjeta GPU certificada por Adobe para el procesador 3D con trazo de rayo y aceleración de GPU

    Descargar Adobe After Effects CC 2021 v18.4.1.4

    Adobe After Effects 2021

    PASSWORD RAR: systemtutos

    Download Adobe After Effects CC 2022 v22.0.1.2

    Adobe After Effects 2022

    PASSDWORD RAR: systemtutos

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